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Superlative Social Media Marketing & Management Plans & Pricing

Undoubtedly, social media is an excellent marketing strategy that empowers businesses to thrive. Hence, YesAssistant comes with full-scale Social Media Marketing & Management Packages that help you drive engagement and traffic from a well-built online presence at an affordable price.

  • Curated Content & Design
  • Appealing Social Posts
  • Brand Identity
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Follower Engagement
  • Website Traffic Generation

We Are Master In Managing The Following Social Media Platforms

Plans and pricing

YesAssistant Offers A Cost-effective Solution for Your Monthly Social Media Plans

We set up different pricing plans for any business scale at an affordable price. All the plans offer inclusive features that help you build a desired social media presence.



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Discover What Features And Services Are Included In Our Social Media Packages

Audit Social Media

Our social media manager will analyze the indicators of your accounts to evaluate the business performance on the platforms. We also keep auditing your accounts regularly to make sure that the marketing plan for your social networks is well-navigated.

Analyze Target Audience

Different businesses have different target audiences on social media. Thus, our specialist will collect the insights and define what factors impact the buying decision of your followers on social platforms.

Create Creative Content

To achieve your social media marketing goals, YesAssistant won’t focus only on promotion posts. Instead, we diversify your social feed with creative posts for different purposes such as educational, shareable, motivational, personal, and more.

Produce Engaging Design

Having an eye for design, our online assistant for social media marketing can help you create engaging social posts. We will resize these graphics properly to upload on multiple platforms to ensure brand consistency.

Establish Video Campaigns

Undoubtedly, videos are more illustrative than images, and they can keep your customers in your social feed longer. Understanding this, our specialist will set up video campaigns to broaden the form of content in your online presence.

Post Schedule

The Social Media Marketing & Management Packages include post schedule. We will set an exact time for the social posts to be uploaded. This means you can enter the global market quickly, where customers have different time zone from yours.

Business Page Optimization

Many platforms enable us to create a separate page for business, where you can display the product for selling. Our social media expert will help you optimize the Business page in terms of general info, item images, product description, and the like.

Run Social Media Advertising

Establishing paid advertisements is one effective way to drive more followers and traffic to your social media accounts. Based on your target customers, our online assistant specializing in social networks will create and manage ad campaigns that bring benefits to the table.

Query Management

Social media encourages interaction between businesses and customers thanks to its messaging features. Therefore, query management is a vital duty YesAssistant would take when we offer Social Media Marketing & Management Packages.

Hashtag Research

Similar to keywords, hashtags are an essential element that boosts the visibility of your posts. YesAssistant will create various strategic sets of hashtags with high volume that can get the most incredible attraction from social media users, leading to an increase in quality followers.

Website Traffic Generation

Social media is one of the most significant sources of potential customers where you can generate traffic to your website. Our social assistant will be in charge of building relationships with your clients and getting more chances to introduce your products/services broadly.

Customer Insight Research

It’s of great importance for every business to understand its target customers. Our social media manager will help you collect and analyze the habits of clients and determine what impacts on their buying decision. Also, the research provides valuable information for us to create engaging content for your social presence.

Case Studies From Our Social Media Management Packages

Customer Engagement & Traffic Generation

It would be a pity if you don’t dip your toes into one of the hottest trends these days: social media marketing. It empowers businesses to boost their brand visibility in front of potential customers from different regions. YesAssistant comes with Social Media Marketing & Management Packages that help optimize your online presence at an affordable price.

The Strategies We Used:

Optimal Social Media Marketing & Management Packages For All Businesses

Marketing on social networks has the ability to empower businesses regardless of their products and services. Let’s take a look at some top industries that would benefit most from social media that you would love to know!

Social Media For B2C Retail

Social media works perfectly as a showroom for your business to display all products. Customers can interact with your brand easily right in the comment section. This fastens the buying process and significantly leads to an increase in sales.

Social Media For Technology

Technology and social media are two separate terms but fit perfectly with each other. As you can see, technology evolves daily, and coincidently, social media can update its changes in a minute. Thus, YesAssistant highly recommends those who are operating in the technology industry take the chance to shine with social media.

Social Media For Beauty & Fashion

No one can argue that social media is an indispensable marketing tactic for beauty and fashion. Thanks to the ability to convey information at the lightning-fast speed of social networks, you won’t waste much time driving massive traffic to your salons or spas. Besides, they can use influencer marketing to go further on social platforms.

Social Media For Restaurants

One success factor for restaurants or those who are working in the food industry is bon-appetite images of meals they can serve. This means they can totally go viral on social media with visual-enticing posts. Not only do these posts attract local customers, but they also appeal to foreign visitors coming to their sites.

Social Media For Health & Fitness

If you’re a professional in diet and exercise, social media is an ideal option to start your career path. It allows you to share photoshoots of dishes, recipes for clean eating, or videos of daily exercises for better health and body shape. With social media support, you can approach the right followers easily, so why don’t you hit it?

Social Media For Traveling

Many people choose to immerse themselves in adventurous journeys around the world. They love traveling and sharing what they’ve experienced when discovering a new place. In this case, social media becomes limitless storage for them to save these precious memories and spread their stories widely.

Social Media For Education

Clearly stated, education is not an industry. However, it also benefits greatly from social media. Educational organizations can share their facilities, teaching methods, curricula, or promotion for enrollment via social media. By doing this, students and their parents will find it effortless to make their best choice.

Social Media For Recruitment

Specularly, social media is a fertile landscape for recruiters to connect with potential candidates for the job they are offering. Some job seekers even build a professional profile on social media to increase the chance of getting a suitable position for their skills and experience. Therefore, recruiters can easily locate and scan applicants via social media.

Social Media For Real Estate

Another industry that can make the most out of social media is real estate. Whether you’re a broker, an agent, or a property manager, social posts can introduce your “products” to a vast audience base. Besides, you can reply to customers’ questions easily, leading to the possibility of the conversion rate you expect.

Social Media For Lawyers

Law and social media, why not? As you know, lawyers need time to build their reputations. If you won’t show your education level, knowledge, achievements, or experience, it’s less likely that someone would hire you. Therefore, an attorney can use social media as a professional profile to impress clients who are looking for this type of service.

Social Media for B2B

The power of social media is endless, which is shown in the way it enriches B2B businesses besides retailers. Different from merchants, social networks play as an online Capacity record to attract your corporate customers. However, the design style and content for your SaaS products should be unique and professional to build trust among your clients.

Social Media for Home Improvement

Social media management is also a productive strategy that home improvement businesses shouldn’t ignore. Unlike physical products, your “product” is home repairs and decor service. Hence, your social media plan should concentrate on customers from local areas instead of diverse markets.

How YesAssistant Makes A Difference For Your
Social Media Marketing

Currently, more and more businesses are taking advantage of social media to promote their products or services. To meet this demand, many social media management service providers are “coming to town”. Let’s discover why YesAssistant should be the best option you opt for!

Years of Experience

Besides excellent knowledge and skills, YesAssistant has years of experience working as an agency for virtual assistance in various fields. Hence, we’re proud to satisfy thousands of customers since the foundation, and we expect this figure will keep increasing.

Dedicated Support

YesAssistant provides our customers with different contacting options, including Skype, Phone, and Email. Besides, you can leave a message or request a meeting with us with some simple steps. We ensure 24/7 availability to get your problems solved as quickly as possible.

Full-service Offer

We are competent in covering a complete range of social media duties that help your business thrive in sales and traffic. Hence, our Social Media Management Packages are suitable for companies from different industries regardless of their sizes and types.

Custom Package

YesAssistant has two options for those who want to opt for our Social Media Marketing Packages. The first is ready-made plans with detailed features and prices, and the second is custom packages, which are well-tailored for your specific requirements.

Affordable Price

Social media is a beneficial investment that businesses need to take into consideration. If you’re afraid that social media management is costly, don’t worry! YesAssistant comes with inclusive Packages for all business sizes affordably.

Multiple Accounts Management

YesAssistant experts in top prominent social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…. This means that we can help you manage multiple accounts simultaneously. In other words, you will have more chances to boost your business's visibility.

What’s Inside Our Social Media Management Services?

Let’s Discuss Your Needs!

  • Social Media Management
  • Month-to-month Contracts
  • Content & Graphics
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Followers Engagement
  • Post Schedule

Do You Have Questions? Find The Answers Here!

Let’s dig into the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Yes. We will design engaging graphics, write catching captions, and research strategic hashtags for every post on your accounts in advance.

We can manage multiple social platforms as you require. The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Of course. Our social media manager will create customized graphics based on different factors, namely, brand value, types of products/services, customer persona, industry,.

Yes, we offer custom packages for your social media plans. It would be great if we could schedule an online meeting so that YesAssistant understands better your specific requirements.

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    Dedicated support. Affordable pricing. Professional management. The biggest plus of YesAssistant is that they didn’t take much time to learn about my products. Highly appreciate their attitude toward working!

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    James Lesage

    I’m just a small business, and I don’t have too many requirements. So I asked James whether they could offer a custom package. And I was delighted with their services, which indeed gave me quality followers within a month!

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