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Striking Animation Video
Packages Best Plan & Pricing

Animation videos have the power to attract and engage effectively with customers visiting your website. Additionally, these videos come as a value-added recipe that significantly improves your online presence and outperforms other competitors.

  • Smooth Transitions
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Easy-to-Understand Illustrations
  • 100% Original, Custom Video
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • High Video Resolution

Let the Animated Video Tell Audience Your

Business’s Story in The Most Attractive Ways

Many people find it easier to remember the information by watching a video rather than reading a wall of text. Therefore, videos, especially animated videos, are one of the most effective ways for businesses to tell their stories.

You can easily see this type of video when a business wants the website visitors to understand its history and development, value, mission, and the like. Besides, animation videos can convey complex ideas to easy-to-digest content. Therefore, these videos are helpful when it comes to product usage and tutorials.

At YesAssistant, we provide animated explainer video production at an affordable price for all business types and sizes.

Plans and pricing

Cost-effective Storytelling Solution with YesAssistant’s Animation Video Packages

We create different affordable pricing plans for all of our customers to select easily. Let’s take a look at each package feature and opt for the most suitable one as you wish.



$ 799

$ 799


$ 1,199

$ 1,199


$ 1,599

$ 1,599

Animation Duration (Up To)

Scriptwriting Process

Audio/Voice-Over Recording and Import

HD 1080p Render Resolution

Animation Video Quality

Source Files Included

Global Usage Rights

Use on Multiple Devices

Hands-on Session with Our Creative Director


Need more information? Contact Us

Need more information? Contact Us

Discover What Services Are Included in Our Animation Video Packages

YesAssistant comes with various animated video production services, which is super convenient for you to pick the best suitable type for your business.

More and more online businesses are taking animated videos into consideration thanks to the merits they bring to the table. YesAssistant can produce different types of animated videos, so let’s see what you can go for.

2D Animation

The movement of objects in a two-dimensional space is referred to as 2D animation. This type of video works best if you want to explain a process or provide tutorials for doing something.

3D Animation

Unlike 2D animation, objects in 3D animated videos move in a three-dimensional space. Hence, this type of video brings a more realistic impression, which is suitable for businesses focusing on storytelling strategy.

Cartoon Animation

This is a more advanced type of 3D animation. There are characters, storylines, callouts, and many other factors that keep your customers watching till the end to discover the message you are trying to convey.

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics is a simple type of animation video, but it has a wide range of applications thanks to dynamic effects and transitions. It’s suitable for a presentation, a new product introduction, an advertisement, brand awareness and more.

Live-Action Animation

Live-action animation is the combination of animated movements proceeded by computer and live-action film recording. Therefore, it is an ideal illustration for 2D/3D films, games, and other visual media purposes.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a video showing the movement of objects in two-dimensional space on a whiteboard background. Its purpose is to tell a story, explain a system, introduce a product, and the like.

Explainer Video Animation

Explainer video is one of the most straightforward type of animated video. If you’re looking for a time-saving video production that explains how to do something, this type of video is a good choice.

Screencast Animation

A screencast animation video is created by piecing screen captures together and adding audio narration to demonstrate the product/service. Thus, it’s a simple yet effective way to advertise new features of what your business offers.

Typography Animation

By employing moving text to generate a tone, typography animation has recently been a widely-used video production style. This type of video is mainly for entertainment as it can grab attention quickly.

What makes us the Right

Thousand Reasons to Opt for Our Animated Video Packages

YesAssistant is the right choice if you need a professional, creative animated video producer to impress your customers with a well-decorated website. Your success is all we care and let’s see why you should choose us.

YesAssistant has years of experience as a virtual assistant agency in various aspects and industries.

Based on strategic market research, we understand your customers’ preferences. This empowers us to bring what your clients need to the table.

YesAssistant is assembled of well-educated, professional, skillful members. We guarantee the best work results to all customers reaching out.

We offer affordable animated video production pricing plans for businesses at different scales to choose from easily.

Thanks to well-prepared video scripts plus experts in various video-producing software, YesAssistant is proud to get retaining customers.

Whenever you need our support, we’re always available 24/7 to get your problems resolved immediately.

Investing in Animation Video Brings about More Benefits Than You Could Expect!

It’s just a few seconds to decide whether a potential customer stays on your website or bounces to your competitor’s. If this is your concern, animated videos can help.

Animated video can replace a wall-of-text piece of information.

Internet users find it easier to “digest” explainer videos.

Placing videos on your landing page keeps customers staying longer.

Online videos play an essential role in the buying decision of the end-users.

Looking for help with animated content?

Expertizing in Different Video Production Tools Allows Us to Create A Wide Range of Animated Videos.


Checkout our Questions & Answers

This is an excellent storytelling method impressing website visitors at first sight. Also, it simplifies a complicated idea to make the content easy to digest. With such merits, there is no reason not to choose video animation to thrive your business.

After discussing with customers to figure out the video ideas and other specific requirements, YesAssistant will create a script for your approval. Then, our professionals devote their time to making the best possible animated video as you request.


There are various types and formats of animated videos you can order. We can create 2D/3D, cartoon, motion graphics, live-action, whiteboard, explainer, screencast, and typography animation videos. All these videos are optimized to be posted with high resolution across different platforms.

Don’t worry about this. We offer up to 3 script writing processes and eight revisions. Therefore, YesAssistant ensures you’ll receive the best work results.

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