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Virtual Assistant for Dropshipping

Top-of-the-range Virtual Assistant for Dropshipping

Thanks to digitalization, people spend more time on the Internet, and thus they are more likely to buy things online. As a result, dropshipping has become a favorable way to do business with low investment, flexibility, and other merits. Optimizing every process will help you increase your productivity and thus have time for additional development plans.

A Dropshipping expert will be in charge of all the dropshipping duties you assign, such as product sourcing and listing, order fulfillment and delivery tracking, customer support, social media management, SEO, email marketing, and more!

Streamline your dropshipping business with the support of those who are experienced with managing dropshipping store(s) and spend your precious time flourishing the future orientation. If you're looking for an optimal but affordable solution, YesAssistant is what you should opt for. We are suitable for small businesses who have just dipped their toes into dropshipping and even those who have started to expand their business with several stores.

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Get Your Dropshipping Tasks Completed Quickly, Effectively with YesAssistant

YesAssistant will delegate the most suitable Dropshipping Assistant with robust skills for your expectations.

As A Virtual Assistant for Dropshipping, We Can

Product Listing

The next step to completing your dropshipping business is uploading products to your store. Your virtual assistant dropshipping will be in charge of filling in product details like descriptions, sizes, colors, and other attributes.

Social Media Management

Social media empowers the visibility of your dropshipping products in front of more customers. A virtual assistant will assist you in creating daily, curated content on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram for customer engagement and retention.

PPC Advertising

Running Ads campaigns on search engines (Google) and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram,...) do wonders for your dropshipping business. Let your VA create suitable campaigns that attract the right customers that make a deal indeed.

Link Building

A virtual assistant for dropshipping can help you share the link of your product via different channels, namely, social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) or online communities or forums to find new customers who may be interest in your items.

Data Entry & Management

For better customer support, you need to keep track of products and customers' information. Your dropshipping expert will help you record the data of all the stores/websites and update these files regularly.

Product & Suppliers Sourcing

For the sustainable development of your dropshipping business, your experienced VA will be responsible for finding quality products from reliable suppliers that match your niche. You can rest assured that YesAssistant is good at research and negotiation skills.

Store/Website Setup

Your dropshipping store can be opened on a platform like Shopify, Amazon, or a separate website. This is a time-wasting step if you're not familiar with these platforms so that you can assign this task to your VA.

Content Writing

As a business owner, you've probably known that content has the power to motivate your customers to purchase your products. By hiring a VA, your product description and other content on your store will be optimized.

Customer Service

YesAssistant dropshipping virtual assistant will be someone who provides dedicated support to your customers, including messages reply, problem fixing, instruction explanation, and after-sale service as well. This ensures customer satisfaction, an important factor of your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your store's appearance on search engines is of great importance for the sustainable development of your dropshipping business. YesAssistant VA will help you add specific keywords that help your customers find you easily.

Photo Edit & Graphic Design

People are greatly attracted by illustrative images and videos about the products you offer. With our virtual assistant service, you don't need to spend too much time editing and optimizing these media files.

Order Fulfillment

There may be several issues occurring before, during, and after the shipment of products because you need to rely on another supplier. However, you don't have to worry, as you can delegate your VA to do so.

Email Marketing

Your drop shipping virtual assistant will collect the email addresses of target customers, quality leads, and those who already purchased your products to send emails and reply to the follow-up, leading to an increase in your conversion rate.

Why Should You Opt For YesAssistant?

We come with a plethora of options for you to choose from. YesAssistant will match your Dropshipping business with a Virtual Assistant whose professional skills are the best fit.

Comprehensive Service

We understand that you cannot waste time finding different VAs for different duties. Thus, the YesAssistant team is full of members with 5+ years of experience in various tasks, making sure that our service is the most optimal choice for all business types and sizes.

Expert Skill Sets

YesAssistant gets the name on the scoresheet with highly-educated virtual assistants for your dropshipping business to grow and expand seamlessly. On top of that, we have regular training to sharpen the skills of each VAs for the highest rate of client satisfaction.

Customer Contentment

YesAssistant puts significant effort into providing superior VA service to every customer and this is our core value since the foundation. You can experience a 2-hour free service before opting for us and we're always willing to delegate another VAs to your expectations.

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