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Exclusive Local SEO Packages for Local Dominance

Home Exclusive Local SEO Packages for Local Dominance

Expertise In Various SEO Tools Can Improve Results Dramatically

Each SEO tool possesses unique features that enable us to provide better Local search engine optimization plans for all customers’ needs.

YesAssistant, Comprised of Well-trained SEO Specialists, Will Offer Best-in-class Local SEO Marketing Packages.


Extensive Website Investigation

YesAssistant employs helpful SEO tools to examine your website's indicators. Based on these figures, we’ll assess its current status to come up with the most optimal plan for website optimization.

Competitors Assessment

Investigating how your competitors use SEO techniques to boost their rankings is beneficial to your site. As a result, YesAssistant includes this feature in all of our Local SEO pricing plans.

Google My Business Profile Optimization

YesAssistant’s Local SEO expert will create and optimize your Google My Business Profile by ensuring the consistency and completeness of all your business information. Also, we guarantee to keep crucial business data up-to-date.

Online Review Check

Customer reviews are lucrative for local businesses as they increase the chance that new clients convert to end users. YesAssistant will help you check these reviews to ensure a professional online presence for your business.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is a standout feature of YesAssistant's Local SEO Packages for websites. YesAssistant will ensure recommended keyword density, updated content, markup & schema, duplicated content removal to improve your site's ranking.

Title & Meta Tag Optimization

Optimizing the title and meta tag persuades your local customers to click on and browse your website to view the product or service you are offering. Hence, we’ll keep them clear and engaging.

Local Link Building

It refers to creating contextually, locally relevant connections to your website. The objective is to attract traffic and local users to your business and help it rank higher in local searches and map packs.

Regular Analytics and Reports

Aside from the features listed above, YesAssistant's Local SEO specialist is in charge of routinely reporting the work outcomes. These data assist in determining the growth of your website in terms of optimization.

Backlink Analysis

Our SEO Specialists will examine all of your website's current backlinks to determine their quality and relevance to your pages. These are important factors that we should focus on to improve the reputation of your business.

Google Analytics Account Setup

YesAssistant will create and set up a Google Analytics account for your website to keep track of data thoroughly. These numbers will be displayed in the form of charts, graphs, spreadsheets to help you understand clearly.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) Citations

NAP Citations are an essential ranking factor for Local SEO scores. As a professional, YesAssistant will audit NAP data to be consistent in all the places where your business appears like website, GMB, local listing.

Local Keyword Research

As a matter of fact, keyword research is an essential component of our Local SEO service. Your website will be filled with relevant keywords that will effectively boost your rankings on Google.

Local Pack (Map pack) Ranking Track

Local Pack consists of three business listings appearing on the SERPs when a local search query is provided. Therefore, YesAssistant will check your rankings regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of the Local SEO Plan.

On-page Optimization

On-page SEO encompasses more than just content and title and meta tag optimization. It is also associated with internal and external linkages, code quality, image and alt text, schema markup, and so on.

Disavow Backlinks

YesAssistant will employ Google's Disavow tool if there are unremovable low-quality backlinks. It enables us to alert search engines to disregard certain links and not count them in your website's rankings.

Plans and pricing

Cost-effective Solution to Rank Higher on Local SERPs

We design various Local SEO monthly plans so you can pick the best one for your company. Each plan covers a wide range of Local SEO duties enabling you to select the best one for your company’s needs.



$ 199 /Per Mo


Most Popular

$ 299 /Per Mo



$ 499 /Per Mo

Everything You Need to Know about Our Local SEO Packages

Local search engine optimization is the practice of making your website visible for location-based queries. In other words, Local SEO is a marketing approach that enables more people to locate your website quickly. As a result, utilizing Local SEO services is lucrative for those whose target clients are indigenous people, such as department stores, plumbers, roofing, hairdressers, floral shops, and so on. Understanding this point, YesAssistant has designed full-service Local SEO Packages for any business to get higher rankings in local searches.

Why Choose Us?

Why Is YesAssistant A Decent Choice for Your Local SEO Plan?

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced Local SEO expert to boost your website’s visibility on local search results pages and get higher rankings on Google Map, YesAssistant is what you should opt for.

  • Trustworthy Local SEO Expert
  • Affordable Monthly Pricing
  • Experienced Local SEO Professionals
  • Insightful Analytics and Reports
  • Timely Assistance

Deeply understanding the importance of customer trust, YesAssistant always puts extraordinary effort into bringing more eCommerce solutions for all business types and sizes. 

This is the reason why we offer a comprehensive Local SEO Package to help you attract more local customers. 

To guarantee the best work results, YesAssistant has made a lot of investments:

  • Advanced SEO tools.
  • Regular updates of Local SEO techniques.
  • In-depth website review.
  • Consistent result check.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest motivation for us to keep moving forward. YesAssistant promises to be a reliable partner you can count on when finding a full-service Local SEO solution.

Local SEO is one of the most essential things you should opt for when starting an online business. Many of you may think that it’s costly to invest in website optimization and thus wait more time to get the first client. 

With YesAssistant, you don’t have to worry about this as we have a relatively affordable Local SEO Plan for local businesses to flourish.

Let’s take a look at some benefits along with our Local SEO Packages:

  • Month-to-month contracts.
  • Each pricing plan is designed for different business sizes.
  • Custom package for specific requirements.
  • Value-added features without additional costs along the way.

Check out our pricing plans or contact us for the best quotation for a custom package according to your preferences.

YesAssistant highly prioritizes the experience and education level of all team members. By doing this, we can ensure the best working results and productivity on all projects.

As a Local SEO specialist, we value the effectiveness of our SEO Plan to help your website achieve desired conversion rate rather than its local search ranking only. 

These are what YesAssistant takes into consideration when implementing Local SEO Solutions to your website:

  • Conversion rate.
  • Quality lead generation.
  • Website’s good rankings on the first page.
  • Customer experience on your website.

At YesAssistant, you can totally rest assured that your website will be nourished by experienced, skillful, and passionate Local SEO professionals.

For all YesAssistant team members, “Slow but sure” is the key factor to the success of every Local SEO Solution we have ever implemented.

Therefore, we don’t appreciate SEO tips and tricks that can help you get high rankings quickly, but they would harm your website later. To prove the quality of our Local SEO Service, YesAssistant will create insightful analytics and reports regularly.

  • SEO health score.
  • Website traffic.
  • Rankings on Google’s Local Pack.
  • Sources of leads generated.

By reviewing these reports and analytics, you, the business owner, will understand how your website has been improved thanks to the implementation of strategic Local SEO Plans.

Opting for Local SEO Packages is lucrative for your business if you’re running a convenience store, flower shop, plumber, roofer, dentics, beauty salon, and the like. 

However, YesAssistant knows that you’re too busy fulfilling the order and completing other business activities. Therefore, we provide dedicated support that is available 24/7 whenever there is a question or problem arises.

  • 24/7 dedicated support.
  • Various contact options are available: Skype, Phone, and Email.
  • Free meeting schedule.
  • Professional advice and suggestions.

Without a doubt, YesAssistant has the ability to be a powerful auxiliary that surely helps your local plan to be successful.

Industries We Serve

Sorts of Businesses That Benefit The Most from Local SEO Service

Let’s discover which industries win the best rewards from Local SEO efforts. Please note that the following names are just references, and YesAssistant believes that your business can also thrive with our Local SEO Packages.

Local SEO For Car Repairs and Services

Car Repairs and Services businesses also take great advantage of Local SEO. Like other industries mentioned above, a professional GMB profile and good online reviews are among the most critical factors for local ranking, which brings about more local car owners coming to your store.

Local SEO For Pet Services

Service for pets is also one of the industries that can get the most out of the Local SEO Plan. YesAssistant’s Local SEO specialist will help your business show up with a high ranking on Google searches to get more “little clients” to your store.

Local SEO For Medical Services

Medical service providers are ideal candidates for Local SEO. YesAssistant may help your medical service business thrive by providing high-value, educational material on your website or verifying and updating business information (name, location, phone number) on local business directories (both general and health-specific).

Local SEO For Real Estate

With so many individuals searching online for a new house, home inspection, rental apartment, or business space. Local SEO strategies would definitely help real estate agencies thrive. Your business will have more chances to receive targeted prospects and leads by using local keywords for a particular area.

Local SEO For Lawyers

It’s common sense that people would look for a trustworthy lawyer or attorney nearby when disputes arise. To boost your website’s ranking, YesAssistant will help you create a professional Google My Business profile, research keywords for local search intent, improve online reviews, and more.

Local SEO For Restaurants

It’s beneficial for restaurants to get their names ranked first when local customers type in the search bar “best restaurants near me”. Besides high rankings, Local SEO Packages bring good reviews to the table helping restaurants attract foreign clients to visit and enjoy local dishes.

Local SEO For Cleaning Services

Businesses that offer cleaning services are among the top sectors that benefit significantly from Local SEO tactics provided by YesAssistant. The key to the success of a cleaning service business is getting its name on top of local searches with positive feedback from existing customers.

Local SEO For Beauty Care

Hair salons, nail spas, makeup academies, massage spas, beauty supplies stores,... are all targeted mostly at local customers. For that reason, YesAssistant’s Local SEO Packages come as the best choice for beauty care businesses to attract leads and get more customers using their service.

Local SEO For Home Improvement

Local SEO solutions are lucrative for your home repair and remodeling business. Local SEO helps your website have a better ranking on Google Local pack to reach the target customers effectively. This leads to an increase in leads, sales, and profits for your Home improvement business.

Case Studies from Our Local SEO Packages

Website visibility & Better Rankings on Google Maps Pack

An effective Local SEO strategy enriches your website’s rankings on local searches, leading to a broader approach to potential customers within your local area. It particularly results in a rise in revenues, empowering all websites regardless of size or sector.

The Local SEO Strategies We Use Include But are Not Limited to:

Have A Look at Our Local SEO Customers’ Feedback

It gives us great joy to observe the success of businesses that rely on our Local SEO Packages. Let’s have a look at how people rate our service:

Trustpilot Logo

I’m running a hair salon, and it’s my luck to be aware of the term Local SEO. At that time, YesAssistant came as a message from the universe that helped my business gain more customers quickly! 5 stars to James and the YesAssistant team!

“Dave Greco”
Arnold West

I didn’t expect that Local SEO packages would improve my business much like this. There are a lot of customers within my area, but they are more willing to buy flowers at my shop thanks to positive reviews on my Google My Business profile.

“Mark Castle”
Stephen R.

Local SEO Campaign Process

How YesAssistant Does Work For Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO Campaign Setup

The first and foremost task that YesAssistant must complete is to develop a comprehensive Local SEO campaign. It includes specific actions that our SEO experts will take to increase your website's optimization in terms of on-page and off-page SEO duties.

Website and Business Review

YesAssistant uses helpful SEO tools to check your website's indicators. By doing so, our specialist can appraise the current SEO health score of your website to better prepare a business plan for optimization growth in the future.

Backlink Analysis

One of the most critical factors for local rankings is relevant, high-quality backlinks. As a result, our SEO professionals will assess all of your present backlinks and devise a strategy to get more qualified ones.

Local Competitors Investigation

It is useful for your business to examine how other rivals (who offer the same product/service as yours) employ Local SEO strategies to increase their ranks. We may learn from their errors and prevent making these mistakes ourselves.

Local Keyword Research

Undoubtedly, keyword research is an integral part of our Local SEO services. Your website will be optimized with relevant keywords that attract customers living in local areas, which will help you rank higher on local search engines.

Code Quality Improvement

Poor code quality has a detrimental impact on the optimization of your website. Hence, YesAssistant's Local SEO expert will assist you in examining your pages regularly to detect and rectify issues in the source code.

Content Optimization

Content provides valuable information for the audience and persuades them to purchase the products or services of your business. In our Local SEO Packages, content optimization is indispensable which refers to improving keyword density, removing duplicate content, adding schema markup.

Strategic Link Building

Our Local SEO solutions involve the creation of strategic link exchanges with high-quality prospects. This helps your website pass audits quickly, get a better ranking on search engines, and thus approach more potential customers locally.

NAP Consistency

YesAssistant will ensure the correctness of your business’s NAP throughout all business listings, local directories, social media accounts, and on your website itself. NAP consistency is indispensable for local SEO ranking and it helps strengthen your business’s reliability.

Google My Business Profile Setup

When clients enter a specific search query on Google related to the services or products you're offering, having a polished Google Business page substantially helps generate trust. Hence, YesAssistant will help your business stay competitive with a professional GMB profile.

Business Details Update

Google gathers information from an endless number of sources on the internet. Changing your company's name, address, and phone number in one place may cause inconsistencies and “trigger” Google. Hence, YesAssistant will update your business details across different places.

Local Business Directories Listing

A local business directory contains crucial information about your company (name, address, contact options, working hours, office images). YesAssistant will help you update these details in general and industry-specific directories to enhance your visibility in front of more local customers

Google Local Pack Rankings Track

You may examine the SERP features for organic and paid results by tracking your rankings on the Local Pack. It's a way to gauge the efficiency of the Local SEO strategy YesAssistant is putting together for you.

Respond and Keep Positive Online Reviews

Google assists users in finding high-quality products, services, or information as quickly as possible based on reviews. This means YesAssistant will reply to reviews from your customers and manage them to reinforce your online reputation and better rankings.

Analytics & Reports Generation

As a professional Local SEO specialist, YesAssistant will assist you in generating reports and tracking the ranks of your pages on Google Local pack to assess the success of the Local SEO campaign and elaborate suitable plans for further development.

A Low-Cost SEO Solution for Your Local Dominance Plan

Compare Different Local SEO Packages for Your Business!

Month-to-month Contract Is Available

Key Features


Lower Competitive


Moderate Competitive


Very Competitive

  • Primary Keywords
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Regional Keyword Research
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • KGR Keywords

Targeted Location

Targeted Location

Google My Business Profile Optimization

Google My Business Profile Create + Labels Add

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile Monitoring

Online Review Monitoring

Image Posts + Add GEO Tag all Images

Products Add + Services Description

Local Link Building & Citations

Competition Analysis

Link Building


Ratings and Reviews

Google My Business Page Review

Facebook Page Reviews

Clutch Review

Local Social Media Share

Local SEO Audit

Local Social Media Share

Guest Posts

Guest Book

Guest Posts

Google Entity Stacking

Standard Level

Premium Level

NAP Optimization

NAP Optimization

Customer Support


24/7 Live Project Tracking

Need More Information?


Per Month


Per Month


Per Month

Need More Information?

Seeking assistance in picking the best Local SEO package? Contact us right away

Gain Search Dominance for Local Intent with Full-Service SEO Packages

YesAssistant Comes with Different Packages to Serve Different Business Types and Sectors

National SEO Plan

This package is intended for people who wish to rank their websites on a national or regional level. Our experts will undertake extensive keyword research to guarantee that your website gets the first-page rankings on search results pages.

Ecommerce SEO Plan

This package is specially designed for those who are running an online store. Our professionals will perform comprehensive SEO techniques to make your website and products fully visible to online buyers.


Checkout our Questions & Answers

Our Local SEO services pricing varies significantly by the features included in each package. YesAssisant offers a month-to-month contract so it’s pretty affordable for your budget. Besides, you can request a custom package, and we need to schedule a meeting so that our SEO specialist can determine an exact quotation for your requirements.

Absolutely! Backlink analysis, backlink disavow, and backlink building is among the features within our Local SEO Packages.


If you're looking for an optimal way to help your business appear more prominently in Google's local search results, Local SEO service is of top prioritizing action. Local search results use a different set of ranking factors than "regular" Google search results, namely, NAP citations, GMB profile, Google Map star rating, reviews

Definitely YES! YesAssistant offers a custom Local SEO package for those with different requirements than the fixed features mentioned in each ready-made plan. Simply schedule a meeting and let us know what you want, YesAssistant will provide a cost-effective solution as you wish.

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