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We Design and Develop Flabbergasting Sites that Stand Out!

YesAssistant has developed its team with skilled programmers/coders who can design or develop any type of website you want, maintaining SEO guidance! Considering the different types of necessary needs, we have developed affordable packages where you can find the suitable one that perfectly suits your business!

  • Website UI and UX Optimization
  • Entirely SEO Optimized
  • 100% Ultra-Secured Coding
  • Enhanced Mobile Friendliness
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • Unlimited Revisions
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Website Design and Development Packages

After having a long-term analysis on the current market demand, we have developed some handly website design and development packages that are affordable to all. Considering your business needs, you can pick the appropriate one to make your website live!

Especially for the small entrepreneurs who want to live their e-commerce websites within the shortest possible time, we have included all the necessary features, such as products in inventory, shopping cart, product detail page, discount coupon, etc., in the package.

After all, we are able to serve all the small to giant entrepreneurs by creating new sites, and developing existing sites. We are always open to hearing your business needs so that we can create and attach necessary features to your upcoming site.


Core Web Services We Provide

Depending on different types of demand, we have developed packages that can benefit everyone. No matter what popular CMS you want to use or if you want to develop your site with raw coding, our expert coders can serve you in both ways. As part of our core offerings, we generally offer the following four types of web-related services.


We have built an expert team who can develop websites using multiple popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, WIX, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, etc. During the development process, they consciously maintain robust web security without harming SEO friendliness. And at the same time, they will also maintain the UI and UX parts to retain your precious visitor engagement.

CMS Web Development
Full-Stack Development


If you aren’t a fan of CMS, our experienced and skilled coders can also develop custom-built websites from scratch. First, we will hear about your website’s purpose, note down major and minor details, prepare a set of sequential instructions, and then deliver that to our team to start developing the website accordingly. During the development process, we’re also uncompromised in maintaining SEO friendliness and web security.


Considering the increasing rate of mobile device users (smartphones, tabs, etc.), we develop our websites 100% responsive. Our developer team is equipped with special premium tools that allow them to design their whole coding structure responsively. Then the overall package allows the users to visit the site from different devices without harming the UI and UX. After all, our developed website can represent your content with enhanced preciseness.

Responsive Design

WooCommerce -

Considering WP’s immense popularity of the WooCommerce plugin of WP, we have made a separate team specializing in customizing this plugin. We are open to developing and customizing any e-commerce website powered by Woocommerce. We also customize and develop existing WooCommerce sites without harming the SEO friendliness, UI and UX, site loading speed, and so on. But before whatever we do, we confirm hearing your need first!

Let's Talk With Design

Turn your vision into reality

Our Process in Web Design & Development!

We have created a streamlined framework that allows us to design and develop each website with 99.99% perfection. Before confirming this sequential process, we consulted with our marketing and programmer team, experimentally tested it, and then gave final approval considering its satisfactory outcomes. Here’s the efficient process we always follow to develop and customize each website to ensure enhanced grade-

  • Information
  • Planning and
    Strategy, Wireframing
  • Graphical Representation

  • Development Phase

  • Debugging, Testing &

Gathering Details, Analyzing These, and Brainstorming!

For anyone who reaches us for developing sites, we ask for some basic details first. We first try to determine what purpose your website should serve. Depending on that, we will continue taking further steps. For instance, if you need to develop your site for an e-commerce business, we’ll ask you the necessary details, and depending on that, we’ll note down the purpose, goal, target audience, etc. 

Putting all the details on the table, we'll brainstorm and come up with a rough idea about how your site should look like.

Goal Setting, Site Structuring & Strategic Planning

At this stage, we send the copy of your provided details to our marketing team. They analyze the details and list down your site's major and minor objectives. Depending on the outcomes, they develop a strategic plan that suits your business and can bring you sustainable success and growth. 

Considering your site's vision, mission, future long-term plan, etc., they finalize the strategic plan, provide a rough idea about your site structure and approve for the next phase.

Wireframing, Usability, UI & UX Development

After getting the strategic plan ready, our marketing team sends the copy to our graphic design team. Our innovative graphic design team analyzes the strategy, brainstorms on that, and initiates the wireframing process considering the website goal. 

In the meantime, our designers put their attention to detail in maintaining proper UI and UX.

Skeleton Construction, Database Creation, and Others

At this phase, our developer team gets the final copy from our graphic design team to initiate  the technical part. They start constructing the site's skeleton as per the finalized wireframe model. 

They do all the technical parts during the process, such as database development, page creation, menu creation, linking, etc. After all, this section only deals with creating the finished product and delivering it to the final phase.

Performance Testing, Bug Fixing, and Launching

Before launching each site we develop, we test-run our site to make sure our developed site is performing well or not. We manually check each function and inspect every tiny part. If we find any bugs, we manually check our coding, find the buggy parts, and start initiating the debugging process to regain its natural pace.

After performing the proper inspection, our developer team announces the project as ready to make live. And then, they finally launch the site which is ready to index on search engines.

What are Our Web Development Customers Saying?

Since our inception, we have satisfied thousands of entrepreneurs and influencers by creating websites on their behalf! Here’s what some of them said to express their compliments.

Trustpilot Logo

I took a customized package for creating a landing page for my pressure washing startup. And I took their social media service as well. I love how they swiftly and efficiently created and linked the page with my social media funnels. And it worked to boost my local growth. Great job!

James Lesage

I never knew how a website could be precious for an influencer! I reached them and explained my identity. And I love how efficiently they handled the A-Z process with so much professionalism. And lastly, I found my other existence live on the web! It’s just amazing!

“Conrad Tannhauser”
Daniel Jones

Competitive Advantages Responsive Web Design and Development

We ensure every site we make is 100% responsive for every smart device to let you enjoy some competitive advantages in boosting your growth. Besides reducing your cost, responsive web design can let you enjoy some competitive advantages that can take you ahead of most of your industry competitors. Here we want to mention some of these to get you a deeper insight.

SEO Boost

Efficiently optimized responsive sites load much faster than traditional desktop sites. Because smaller devices need reduced time to load the optimized sites. And reduced loading time means higher ranking possibilities on search engines.

Enhances UI and UX

When we make our sites responsive, we always maintain a decent user interface (UI) for mobile device users. After all, a responsive web design process allows us to represent all your site content to your visitors without harming the user experience.

Reach More Customers

In different stats, it's been stated nearly 50% of online visitors are mobile device users. As mobile device users are increasing exponentially, making your site responsive enhances the possibility of reaching more potential customers to expand your business.

Boosts Conversion Rate

Responsive web design allows you to showcase your content on a tiny screen precisely. It enables you to show your lead-generating landing page more smartly and concisely which can significantly boost your conversion rate than you expect.

Cost Reduction

As responsive web design eliminates the necessity of creating separate sites for mobile devices, the cost is automatically significantly reduced. Even it offers the convenience of maintaining only one website instead of multiple sites, which eventually saves more money.

Improves Traffic Retention

As most visitors love to visit websites and enjoy content with their mobile devices, you’ll get a competitive advantage in gaining traffic retention. And increased visitor retention significantly helps to decrease bounce rate, which helps you to rank faster on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Eliminates Content Duplication

When you create separate versions for desktop and mobile devices, you need to publish the same content for each, leading to content duplication issues. Responsive web design allows you to publish and manage your content from a single platform, eliminating the risk entirely.

Improves Brand Reputation

To enhance your brand reputation, it’s necessary to make your site responsive, as different types of users will reach your site. As almost 50% of visitors are mobile users, it’s significantly important to make you visible to them by designing your site responsively.

Advanced Visitor Tracking

Responsively designed sites enable you to see the exact visitors who come from mobile devices. It becomes extremely helpful when you need to run any marketing campaign targeting mobile visitors after analyzing your traffic persona.

Why Hire YesAssistant for Web Development

Even though many providers are offering web development services in the industry, we have created our uniqueness by introducing the following things in the same package. Have a look!

SEO-Friendly Structure

We are always updated about the recent changes in the ranking factor and are determined to develop our projects accordingly.

Fresh Coding

No matter how massive your project is, we develop each website maintaining the proper coding structure that enhances customizing conveniences.

Fast Loading

We avoid unnecessary complex coding and maintain streamlined page linking ensuring good loading speed.

Robust Security

During the development process, we use advanced coding that enhances web security without harming the loading speed.

Quickest Delivery

Before initiating any project, we let our clients know the estimated deadline and deliver the project before the deadline at any cost!

After Sales Service

After making your website live, we’ll constantly monitor its performance and provide further assistance depending on your needs.

Get Your Queries Answered Here!

Even though we are always conscious to provide complete details regarding our web design and development services, we always welcome any basic or advanced queries. Here we want to answer some of those.

It depends! Considering the expansion of your project, the time will vary. But for a single landing page, we generally take 2-3 days to complete the creating and launching process.

Of course! After taking your project, we’ll let you know the estimated deadline to finish the project and keep you updated regarding the overall progress.

Yes, we do. Let us know the A-Z details about your project. We’ll sit with our expert team, analyze your project, and then initiate the website development project accordingly.

We are available to design and redesign any new and existing website. For redesigning your existing website that is performing well on search engines, we take extra care to redesign your site.

Yes, you can. But if you are not an expert or professional in handling such sensitive tasks, we recommend taking professional help instead. Because wrong changes in your sites might drastically affect your site structure and ranking on the search engines.

Have Any Further Questions?

We know, we haven’t answered all your queries. But no matter what questions arise in your mind, just click the Contact Us button. We are active 24/7/365 to know your thoughts!