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We Create Nimble Email Marketing Plans That Bring Results!

We have developed the best Email-Marketing models that can improve your conversion rate better than you expect! Explore our affordable packages and attain an exponentially growing success graph without harming your brand image

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Email Marketing Works!

Our expert professionals constantly work on collecting genuine Emails and prepare sophisticated lists based on niche diversity. We use the most popular and expensive Email Marketing tools in the market to collect worthy Emails. We manually check each Email to make the lists worthy enough to bring the highest possible results for you. Our dedicated Q/A team constantly monitors the outcomes, analyzes these, and takes further effective approaches to get better results. Experience our services by clicking on the button below, and get an impressive turning point for your business in return!

Plans and pricing

Affordable Email Marketing Pricing

To bring progress to your business, you can have a look at our affordable Email Marketing pricing plan. We have developed our packages considering different types of business needs. Pick a suitable one from the list that suits your business!





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$100 (Call us to waive)

$100 (Call us to waive)

Need more information? Contact Us

Need more information? Contact Us

How Email Marketing Can Be Huge Impactful for Your Business

According to many reliable reports found in different reliable platforms and business magazines, the right and precise Email Marketing models can substantially boost your business growth by up to 17% in revenue generation! And on the other hand, people always love to find special deals in their email inboxes compared to checking social media ad campaigns.

In other statistics, it’s been mentioned 44% of people love to find their favorite deals in their email inboxes. In contrast, only 4% of people are interested in checking paid advertisements on social media channels. 

Precise and sophisticated Email Marketing models can also bring the following benefits to rule your industry!

Build Customer Loyalty

Email Marketing allows you to communicate more personally with prospective customers. Implementing this technique significantly improves the relationship between you and your customers. This approach makes them more loyal and precious, eventually helping boost your business's further growth.

Expand Your Business Reach

Our robust and quality Email Marketing campaigns can reach your business to the places you can’t reach in person. We’ve developed sophisticated Email Marketing methods that significantly help to enhance your brand reputation among your targeted audience and multiply your reach.

Connect With Different Audiences

Considering your niche type, we can offer customized Email Marketing plans that help to benefit you from different audience bases. Our improvised Email Marketing strategy will reach your Email to the targeted audiences without harming the email spamming score.

Save Time and Effort

Email Marketing allows you to deliver precise content to your customer and engage them quickly through CTA. Without developing any long-route marketing funnel, you can quickly get your potential leads without harming your brand image and customer satisfaction. After all, this method impressively saves your valuable time and effort.

Test Email Campaigns
And Drive Strong Results

You can run test campaigns to analyze their performance, modify the marketing model, and relaunch these to get the best outcomes. Our sophisticated model contains this test feature where we determine the performance and then implement our improvised techniques to ensure strong results in return.

Track Your Analytics

Through the analytics feature, you can observe the overall performance of your Email Marketing campaigns. It will represent the precise graph regarding the average opening rate, click-through rate (CTR), and other vital data you need for further progress. From us, all data you’ll get is nearly 100% accurate and entirely reliable.

Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Establish Your Reputation and Improve Your Response Rates

Targeting small entrepreneurs, we have developed separate Email Marketing models that are proven to drive solid results for small businesses. We analyze the previous reports of email marketing campaigns (if any), break down their vital parts, and discover the bottlenecks preventing your small business from growing fast!

Putting all reports on the table and considering the further needs for your small business, we renovate a customized Email Marketing plan that perfectly suits your business and regains you the exponential growth curve.

Our Data-Driven EM Models for Small Business Can Allow You To:

After all, we are here to ensure the highest ROI, no matter how small your business is!

We deliver our service through the most transparent process, allowing you to observe the overall progress after taking our service. We always welcome any suggestions regarding our marketing model and any tiny details about your business that will help us deliver you the best outcomes.

What Benefits Our Email Marketing Plans Can Deliver Your Business?

Dominate The Industry By Satisfying Your Clients!

YesAssistant has developed a list of handy Email Marketing packages that are affordable for any entrepreneur. If you want us to take a look at your current business progress, we are also open to welcome for that.

Considering the minimum amount, you can get one of our packages, and we are determined to deliver you the following additional values in return:

Full-Service Email Marketing Campaign

Our full-service Email Marketing campaign package is designed so that every business owner can see changes in the growth curve. Our expert team has substantial knowledge about developing sales funnels that can bring your tremendous results in return. The whole process is streamlined and 100% transparent, where you can see the overall performance of your campaign and figure out what your next step should be.

Multivariate and A/B Campaign Testing

In Every Email Marketing campaign we run, we ensure diversity in making the email content based on the targeted persona and user intent. To attain a thriving graph in your business, we develop multiple email contents in diversified tones to perform A/B testing to find out the performing/winning email copy. During the trial and error process, we get you the golden campaign for you that will boost your growth graph!

Tailored List Segmentation

To boost your growth graph, our Email Marketing service includes list segmentation features. During one or multiple test campaigns, we collect the user data and segment them based on multiple vital factors such as demographics, engagement rate, geographic area, past purchasing history, amounts spent, etc. Putting all the details on the table, we prepare different lists that help us to develop different funnels to bring better outcomes.

Integrated Digital Marketing Service

When more than Email Marketing is needed to get your expected results, there need to be some improvised plans to achieve success. To attain sustainable growth on your behalf, we are open to developing customized plans for your business. We’ll analyze your product/service, write down its properties, figure out its targeted audiences, and then develop a plan where other marketing strategies might play major and minor roles.

Build Your Target Content

Running multiple Email Marketing campaigns on your behalf allows us to get the exact types of personas who love using your product/service. Our content development team holds substantial knowledge in producing precise and super-effective results-driven content targeting the sweet spot personas! Even if you want us to develop content considering your given factors, we’re always open to working on that also!

Build Your Email List

Before running any Email Marketing campaign, we prepare the plan in such a way that we can collect as many worthy emails as possible that can bring result-driven outcomes. Our professionals are equipped with premium tools that allow them to collect niche-oriented emails that can bring you massive results. After collecting these Emails, we manually check each and prepare the golden Emails lists!

Generate Sales & Conversions

To enhance the sales probability, we have streamlined each process. And at the same time, we monitor each section of the entire funnel to ensure no bottlenecks. Besides, we are always super conscious about making our Email copies with enhanced quality. To ensure that, we develop each copy by analyzing the persona type, gender, intent, and some other vital factors that play a significant role in performing the purchasing action for your prospective buyers.

Better Design, Better Brand Recognition

Besides creating quality Email copay, we also pay proper focus on creating better designs that are 100% responsive for mobile devices. Since a better design can boost your sales probability by 15%, we engage our professional graphic designer and make appealing designs considering your targeted persona type. At the same time, we develop the whole funnel in such a way that it can improve your brand value and gain you improved brand recognition throughout the campaign.

Detailed Email Marketing Reports

We believe in written reports! For each Email Marketing campaign we launch, we take tiny details on the overall performance. After launching the campaigns, we create a detailed report mentioning the vital parts, such as average email opening rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, etc., so that you can clearly understand your next step. And at the same time, our expert team always stays active to analyze the reports and develop further plans to bring appeasing results.

Experienced Email Marketing Specialists

We have developed our team with marketing experts who own extensive knowledge about the latest marketing trends that work! They are experienced in making smart Email Marketing funnels targeting your prospective buyers that can attain you a sustainable growth graph. Throughout the campaign, they observe each part and keep updating the reports. After analyzing these, they can make changes in the funnel with improvised techniques to bring the highest possible outcomes.


Get Your Queries Answered Here!

Got relevant questions in your mind? Let us answer those!

Depending on the package you choose, the price will vary. Every package we have developed is a monthly plan. And our basic package starts at $499.

You can pay us through any of the popular payment gateways you are comfortable with! We receive payments through PayPal, Stripe, etc. If you want to make your payments through direct wire transfer, in that case, you are also welcome!


If you choose our email marketing package, the answer would be a resounding no! Our experts will deliver quality content as part of the campaign. We won’t charge any extra bucks for that.

You’re always welcome to call us to waive our mentioned amount. Directly contact (888) 876-1048, and we’ll surely offer an attractive discount for your desired annual subscription.

Considering the expansion of your business, you should take a decision regarding this. For the startup company, we suggest starting with our basic package. Considering the outcome, you can consider taking our more extensive packages.

Of course! Our team is always open to hearing from you and providing necessary assistance, no matter what phase you’re in and what you are dealing with!

To avoid spamming, we sometimes limit our email sending and receiving rate (without harming your business). The answer might vary depending on the package, the campaign type, the niches, etc. So, there is no specific number we can mention. Contact us and share your business details. Analyzing the full details, we can inform the estimated number.

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    I was struggling with selling lawnmowers because I couldn't reach the right clients. A couple of months back, I found YesAssistant and sent them the previous track record of my business. Surprisingly, they came up with a lead-generating email marketing plan, applied that, and it worked! Good job!

    “MK McGehee”
    Thomas Jordan

    They are true experts in developing quality email lists! I bought Email Marketing packages from several agencies at low prices and wasted all the money. YesAssitance has shown that they “can'' generate leads! No spam emails, no guttery email copy! They are just focused on developing effective funnels aiming to convert leads. Just wonderful!

    Steve Mark


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