Yes Assistant provide a well-organized and flexible virtual assistant service. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details.

Ultimate Telemarketing & Cold Calling Pricing

Our skillful and experienced virtual assistants will be responsible for telemarketing and cold calling that help your business reach more potential customers and significantly increase your expected conversion rate.

Discover A Well-tailored Package For Your Business

YesAssistant gives the highest priority to your business productivity by offering professional telemarketing and cold calling service. Let’s see what we can do for you.

B2B Cold Calling

Our virtual assistant will help you contact other businesses that haven’t reached out before. With excellent skills, they will quickly figure out how to connect with these partners and get collaboration opportunities for your company.

B2C Cold Calling

The objective of B2C Cold Calling is to approach customers who haven’t interacted with your brand in different ways. The mission of our virtual assistant is to improve company awareness and successfully sell the products or services to these end users.

Inbound Telemarketing

YesAssistant will answer incoming phone calls from customers who have already been aware of your business. Our assistant provides sufficient information about the products or services and persuades the clients to place orders.

Outbound Telemarketing

Your online assistant will proactively make phone calls to a list of contacts targeting a specific customer group. YesAssistant VA will convince them to make a purchase based on the little information that the customers provide.

Sales Lead Generation

YesAssistant VA team has years of experience and brilliant communication skills. Hence, we can assist your business in attracting and turning shoppers into potential customers who are likely to purchase your products or services.

Appointment Setting

case, our virtual assistant for telemarketing and cold calling can take the role of connecting customers to the sales reps by making a proper schedule.

Plans and pricing

Affordable Telemarketing & Cold Calling Pricing

We have three different pricing plans starting from $7/hour. Choose the most suitable package for your business, and our virtual assistant for telemarketing and cold calling is ready to fulfill your demands.


1X Full-Time Agent

$ 1379 /MO


2X Full-Time Agent
Most Popular

$ 2389 /MO


3X Full-Time Agent

$ 3519 /MO


When it comes to telemarketing and cold calling, YesAssistant VAs fully take advantage of great communication skills to figure out customers’ pain points. By doing this, we can quickly provide solutions and persuade them to buy your products or services.


Sharpening existing skills and obtaining new knowledge is what we do to improve the quality of YesAssistant. Thus, we keep implementing new techniques to help you get more sales from telemarketing and cold calling.


If you’re in urgent need of a telemarketer or cold caller, YesAssistant would be the perfect option. We can quickly digest a workload of information to make the task onboarding super easy.


Telemarketing and cold calling have a lot of data to keep track of, and it would be a mess if we didn’t arrange them systematically. But don’t worry because YesAssistant VAs are experienced in recording data, so you’ll have regular updates on the task’s progress.

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We Can Provide More Than You Expect

Calling Script Preparation

Our virtual assistant will create a calling script in advance to ensure conversation fluency. Some changes can be made to that script after receiving more information about the market and customer insights from several calls.

Customer Information Collection

YesAssistant VA will enter the information they collect from every call into a spreadsheet. Based on this file, our assistant can work better in the next call, and your company can also keep the data to take care of customers later on.

Leads Qualification

After each call, your virtual assistant for telemarketing and cold calling will classify the contacts into different groups based on their demands and other criteria. By doing this, you can set up distinct programs for distinct groups that enhance the effectiveness of every call.

Leads Nurturing

Some customers may not be ready to purchase your products or services when you contact them. However, they are still potential clients that you need to take care of to figure out what they need and where they are in the buying process.

Call Quality Guarantee

We keep in mind that your objective when hiring a virtual assistant for telemarketing and cold calling is to get more sales. The only way to do so is to put a great effort into the quality of each conversation we have with your customers, and this is how we guarantee call quality.

Calls Tracking and Report

It usually takes up to three times to successfully contact the customers and persuade them to purchase your products and services. Our telemarketer or cold caller will take note of each follow-up for you to track the work result easily.

Reasons to Count on YesAssistant

There are lots of telemarketing and cold calling service providers out there but YesAssistant comes with more merits than you expect so just bet on us!

7+ Years of Experience Team

YesAssistant is proud to have a skillful virtual assistant team with more than 7 years of experience in various industries.

Zero-risk, No Hidden Fees

We offer all-in-one packages telemarketing and cold calling service. Therefore, you won’t be in charge of any additional fees after purchase.

Month-to-month Contracts

YesAssistant gives you the flexibility to renew the contracts each month. This is relatively suitable for your short-term project.

Dedicated Support

Customers are all we care about, and YesAssistant is always eager to solve your problems immediately, available 24/7 via phone and email.

Affordable Price

YesAssistant comes with reasonable, optimal telemarketing services prices for all business sizes, even if you’re a newly-built startup.

Work Result Guarantee

We ensure the highest quality of telemarketing and cold calling service that improves your company’s conversion rate and monthly sales.

Outsourcing Sales For 200+ B2B Companies

We are the fastest growing sales outsourcing company, now that’s saying something.

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When you need Cold Calling Help

Telemarketing and cold calling are not unfamiliar marketing techniques for businesses. They aim at attracting more customers and hitting more sales. However, these tasks are time-consuming and ineffective if you don’t know how to implement these strategies correctly. Hence, most sales teams are not willing to complete these duties.

This is why YesAssistant comes with the “Telemarketing and Cold Calling Package” that help your business get rid of this anxiety at an affordable price. 

We will cover B2B & B2C cold calling, Inbound & Outbound telemarketing, sales lead generation, appointment setting, and more. To complete the task you assign, YesAssistant will rely on your expected leads and monthly sales to find a list of quality prospects to be contacted.

Specularly, cold calling and telemarketing are worth being heeded regardless of your business size as well as the industry you’re operating in. So, don’t miss this chance!

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