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As the world is moving towards digitalization, marketing plays an indispensable role in boosting your brand’s visibility in front of more target customers. However, marketing covers a wide range of tasks and you cannot take care of them all. especially when your business starts to expand.

A digital marketing virtual assistant is an excellent investment that completes marketing duties, namely, content marketing, email marketing, website & blog optimization, and more.

With such advantages, it would be a pity if you don’t hire a virtual assistant for Internet marketing. You can leave these tasks behind and fully concentrate on brainstorming new ideas for further development of your business. Thanks to years of experience in supporting different business industries, YesAssistant guarantees the best quality of our digital marketing VA service promising to bring 100% satisfaction to the table!

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Getting Your Long Check-list of Marketing Duties Done Quickly & Effectively

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Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Complete The Following Tasks

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a brilliant marketing technique that connects you with customers and builds long-term relationships. Let your marketing virtual assistant work closely with template and follow-up emails to maximize ROI besides strengthening your customer base.

Market Research

Understanding your customer and competitors is of great importance for the success of your business. YesAssistant VA for marketing will collect and analyze valuable data to give you a better overview of the market you are operating in.

Social Media Management

An experienced marketing assistant understands the importance of a curate social media plan. Stay updated on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest is the fastest way to build brand awareness.

Leads Generation

Lead generation is a complicated process and it requires you to spend much time attracting quality prospects that convert into sales for your business. Now, you can totally assign this task to your marketing VA.

Website Management

Your online marketing assistant will regularly update your website, leading to a well-organized presence that attracts visitors and keep them staying longer on your site. This plays a significant role in increasing the conversion rate of your business.

Content Generation

Content has the power to educate your target customers about your products and services. Hence, an online marketing VA will be in charge of creating the content plan for different channels like websites, blogs, social media, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to the optimization of your appearance on search engines. It helps boost your brand’s visibility in front of more customers and this is one of the indispensable missions of an online assistant.

PPC Ads Management

Not only does PPC Ads campaign is cost-effective but it also brings amazing ROI to the table. Hence, this is a vital marketing duty that our virtual assistant greatly take care of.


A digital marketing virtual assistant is also responsible for telemarketing. This is a direct way to promote your products or services to your customers via phone calls, leading to a higher chance of getting more sales.

Why YesAssistant Service Worths Being Heeded?

What you need, we all have. YesAssistant will match your requirements with a digital marketing virtual assistant whose professional skills are the best fit.

Well-rounded Marketing Service

Our biggest plus is excellent members who have 5+ years of experience working as virtual assistants in marketing. Hence, we cover full marketing duties including content, SEO, newsletters, advertisements, social media, and more!

Professional Skills

All of our team members are highly educated. Besides, YesAssistant provides intensive training to ensure the quality and sharpen the skills of every digital marketing virtual assistant before assigning them any tasks, which helps you gain more customers for sure.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Customers are all we care about. This is the reason why we offer 2 hours of free work so that you can experience our service before hiring YesAssistant marketing VA. In addition, you can totally ask for another assistant as you wish.

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