Cold Calling

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Salesmen used to knock on doors to promote and sell new products. This practice later evolved into cold calling, when companies started to employ telemarketers to try to sell products to households over the phone. It may be true that consumers eventually became wary of receiving unannounced calls over the years. But with the boom of eCommerce and online transactions, many business owners still consider cold calling an effective way to connect with prospects and gain new customers.

Cold calling has become more than just calling people on a given list. The key is establishing authentic, more organic connections with your prospects by being informed about who you’re talking to and what they need. Cold calling in present times also needs to be implemented as part of an omni-channel sales prospecting campaign that may include social networks, emails, and even text.


What is Cold Calling?


Cold calling is a basic responsibility of a telemarketing assistant. It entails making outbound calls to potential clients, with a goal to promote products and boost sales. Many business owners have discovered that you can hire a virtual assistant to make cold calls, allowing them to focus on high-level tasks that have a bigger impact on their business.

Cold calling is performed by a telemarketing assistant using a prepared script and action plan. In some cases, it would require a little training. The cold caller must have the ability to grab attention and have answers ready to all possible questions. You can hire more than one virtual assistant if you have a long list of prospects you want to reach out to, and it wouldn’t cost you too much on overhead expenses because virtual assistants don’t require a full-time salary.

VAs that offer telemarketing services can also accommodate other types of administrative and telemarketing tasks, which include B2C calling, B2B cold calling, inbound telemarketing, list marketing, circle prospecting, market research, sales calls, appointment setting, lead generation, and collection. Cold calling assistants are expected to follow a stringent process when handling with calls, balance, their time well to ensure maximum productivity, and have good communication and social skills.


Importance of Cold Calling


Cold calling is a form of marketing designed for the specific purpose of engaging customers on a more personal level. It’s not a task for just anybody. A lot of people would stop cold just thinking about the idea of randomly dialing up people who may not be too keen to listen to a random stranger’s sales pitch. Still, cold calling has been done by businesses for decades and it’s still a practice that is very much used today—for good reason. Cold calling is a straightforward and cost-efficient method to generate leads.

Telemarketing remains to be a time-tested way to tap new business opportunities. It makes a great addition to your lead generation efforts and marketing campaigns, if you have the right people to do it for you. With a diligent telemarketing assistant working for you, your business enjoys the advantage of being able to continually add new prospects to your selling pipeline, at minimal costs. It’s very easy to hire a telemarketing virtual assistant that’s highly capable of launching telemarketing campaigns. Cold Calling Services


We have VAs who can provide a full suite of telemarketing VA services. As a trusted provider of VA services, we employ a talented pool of specialists who can perform a wide range of tasks, including cold calling and telemarketing. Our VAs can offer their experience and expertise in helping your company acquire new clients and grow revenue through cold calling. They possess a thorough understanding of how cold calling works through years of professional experience.

Cold calling is a task that’s not for the weak at heart. Someone who makes outbound calls to a bunch of prospects faces a lot of unknowns and a high probability of being ignored or rejected. It’s not an easy task and according to research, only 1% of cold calls made resulting in an appointment. Telemarketing is a daunting job, but our confident and experienced telemarketers take it all in stride. They have the confidence to talk to new people, to “knock” on their doors unannounced. Our expert telemarketing VAs are well aware that when it comes to cold calls, hard work and persistence always pays off.