Email Management

 Spending way too much time replying to your emails? Free up some valuable time and focus instead on growing your business, with the help of an email management virtual assistant. Email management VAs can organize your inbox daily and keep you updated on only the essentials.



Do you find it too overwhelming to sort through your mail, reading and composing replies, and deleting emails? You’re not alone. Staying on top of your email inbox is tough, if not impossible. On average, a worker spends 28% of their working hours on email. That’s definitely a lot of time spent on non-core tasks. Business owners and C-level executives would likely have more emails to deal with and even lesser time to afford to handle emails on their own. If you want to stay focused on running a business and cut down on time spent on email, an email management virtual assistant is just what you need.

It’s true that email eats up a lot of your time and yet it remains integral in running a business. We use emails to communicate with our team as well as with external clients. But if you are a business owner with a long list of to-dos, you can rid yourself of the distraction of having to check your email frequently without missing out on the important ones.  Delegate your email management to someone who is experienced and highly capable. With the help of a well-organized and efficient virtual assistant, you’re more empowered to focus on tasks that have a bigger impact to your business growth.


What is Email Management?


Email management refers to the prompt organization of all tasks related to email communications. It’s an essential role for businesses that receive large volumes of emails on a daily basis. Email management involves decluttering your inbox and getting rid of unimportant emails, organizing your mail into folders, creating filters, replying to and following up on email communications, setting up auto-responders, and organizing email contacts. All of these are tasks that require full attention, patience, organization, time management, and familiarity with useful email management tools.

In some cases, a virtual assistant could come in handy in managing multiple email accounts. The key is having someone else systematically maximize the efficiency of email communications. An email marketing virtual assistant relieves you of the stress of handling your own emails so you can increase your own productivity and boost your performance as a business manager. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re from. Every business owner can use some professional help in managing emails. A virtual assistant can manage your inbox for you and keep you updated on the most urgent action items.


Importance of Email Management


Reading and sending emails is fairly simple, thanks to modern technology. But before you know it, your inbox is bombarded with messages from your contacts, sites you subscribed to, vendors, customers making queries, and so much more. Going through your mail can easily take up half of your day, if you’re not careful. And if you fail to make an appointment or miss out on an opportunity because you saw an email a little too late, this affects your overall business performance as well as your state of mind.

Effective email management reduces the clutter because it involves constantly deleting unimportant emails and paying due attention to ones that matter. Reducing the number of emails is also economical because you’re able to effectively manage your email storage space. By being up to date on your emails, you can function more effectively and make a good impression on your clients—no delayed replies and no frustrating back-and-forth exchanges, which could stem from an inability to focus because you’re simultaneously communicating with several contacts.

Email management helps business continuity in the event of a system failure. Technical problems aren’t uncommon in business offices. Sometimes, when IT conducts maintenance or if you’re having internet connection problems, you may be unable to access your emails for some reason. When there are technical issues, data would be easier to recover if you have a well-maintained email inbox. Email Management Services


If you feel like you can use the help of an email management virtual assistant, is your trusted partner. Work with highly trained VAs who can work in the capacity of an admin assistant focused on managing your email inboxes. An email management VA could jump right in for you and sort out the hundreds of messages waiting in your inbox. They will go through every single one and cleanse your inbox of old messages and spam emails.

Our virtual assistants for email management will keep your inbox spic and span on a daily basis. All incoming messages will be organized into manageable folders and you will be updated as to which emails require your attention. A virtual assistant can also prepare email replies to frequently asked questions. Your customers will no longer have to wait a long time to get a reply, because they will get an answer right away. An email management VA can also manage your calendar for you. They can set appointments on your behalf so you never again have to miss out on any important meetings.