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Email Management

Service Overview

Spending way too much time replying to your emails? Free up some valuable time and focus instead on growing your business, with the help of an email management virtual assistant. Email management VAs can organize your inbox daily and keep you updated on only the essentials.

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Solutions We Offer

Our virtual assistant works remotely helping executives, entrepreneurs, and other busy people that need help with managing their email or cleaning inbox, deleting old emails, email marketing tasks, and more.

Managing Contact List

Our virtual assistant team to help with all your contact management.

Deleting Old Emails

Let ensure we can clean out your inbox, deleting old and unnecessary messages.

Cleaning and Shorting Inbox

Declutter your inbox with our VA team. We will clean and short your email box.

Email Marketing Tasks

Our virtual assistant is suitable for managing your email marketing tasks.

Email Management Services

Do you find it too overwhelming to sort through your mail, read and compose replies, and delete email messages? You’re not alone. Staying on top of your email inbox is tough, if not impossible. On average, a worker spends 28% of their working hours on email. That’s a lot of time spent on a non-core task. If you want to stay focused on running a business and cut down on time spent on email, an email management virtual assistant is just what you need.

Optimize Your Email Activities

Email management refers to the prompt organization of all tasks related to email communications. It’s an essential role for businesses that receive large volumes of emails daily. Email management requires full attention, organization, time management, and familiarity with email management tools.

Minimize email distractions

Checking email eats up a lot of your time and yet it remains integral in running a business. We use emails to communicate with our team as well as with external clients. But if you’re a business owner with a long list of to-dos, you can rid yourself of the distraction of having to check your email frequently without missing out on the important ones. 

Make a good impression

Effective email management reduces the clutter because it involves constantly deleting unimportant emails and paying due attention to ones that matter. Function more effectively and make a good impression on your clients—no delayed replies and no frustrating back-and-forth exchanges.

Focus on core tasks

Delegate your email management to our skilled, experienced, and highly capable VAs. With the help of a well-organized and efficient email management virtual assistant, you’re more empowered to focus on tasks that have a bigger impact on your company’s growth.

Full-Service Email Management

Email management involves decluttering your inbox and getting rid of unimportant emails, organizing your mail into folders, creating filters, replying to and following up on email communications, setting up auto-responders, and organizing email contacts. Our virtual assistants for email management will keep your inbox spic and span daily so you can allot valuable time on important business metrics.

We offer full-suite email management services which include:          

Priority inbox

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re from. Every business owner can use some professional help managing emails. A virtual assistant can manage your inbox for you and keep you updated on the most urgent action items. We can also delete old emails and organize your messages into folders so you can effectively manage your email storage space.

Calendar streamlining

In some cases, a virtual assistant could come in handy in managing multiple email accounts and synchronizing collaboration calendars. The key is having someone else systematically maximize the efficiency of email communications.

Improving email deliverability

Let us set up a reliable email messaging system within a secure network. Aside from maintaining proper IP allocation and authenticating your email domain, email deliverability can also be further improved with a VA who can keep your lists clean, write engaging subject lines, and optimize the opt-in process.

Outbound email filtering

We help keep the integrity of your networks with secure email filtering services. We can apply perimeter-based outbound email filtering that ensures all emails being sent out from your company accounts comply with company policies.             

Email migration services

We introduce smooth and seamless transitions of thousands of email accounts to other email clients. Our virtual IT experts give the best support to your business should you need email migration services.

What Can YesAssistant Do for You

Reading and sending emails is fairly simple, thanks to modern technology. But before you know it, your inbox is bombarded with messages from your contacts, sites you subscribed to, vendors, customers making queries, and so much more. Partner with YesAssistant and enjoy great benefits such as:

Increased Productivity

Going through your mail can easily take up half of your day if you’re not careful. And if you fail to make an appointment or miss out on an opportunity because you saw an email a little too late, this affects your overall business performance. An email marketing VA relieves you of the stress of handling your emails so you can focus on your performance as a business manager.

Crises Prevention

We can safeguard your business from cyber-attacks, viruses, malware, and spam. Protect your company data and assets with security and web protection services offered by our reliable IT VAs.

YesAssistant is your trusted partner in email management. Work with highly trained VAs who can jump right in and sort out the hundreds of messages waiting in your inbox. They will go through every single one and cleanse your inbox of old messages and spam emails.  

Email management helps business continuity in the event of a system failure. Technical problems aren’t uncommon in business offices. Sometimes, when IT conducts maintenance or if you’re having internet connection problems, you may be unable to access your emails for some reason. When there are technical issues, your data is better protected within a secure network which we can set up for you.

  • Customer Support
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Tools

Customer support means customers can get help and find answers to questions as soon as they come up. Looking for the best friendly customer support from your VA? We are always available to answer your questions and tasks.

The YesAssistant offers dependable, on-demand support, including 24/7 phone and email support where and when needed. Contact us today and picked out the best virtual assistant services.

Looking for a virtual assistant service at a reasonable price? Our virtual assistant company, where you can find dedicated virtual assistants at your fingertip. We are one of the best affordable virtual assistant company for your business.

Our plan starts with $49 with 4 hours of work. We also offer a weekly/monthly payment plan for all business needs. Contact us today and picked out the best virtual assistant services.

Virtual assistants (VA) do offer huge potential to save money by using free tools and software. At Yes Assistant, we use many tools to support our customers and carry out tasks quickly and smoothly.

Listed below are some fabulous apps and tools which help us run our efficient VA business social media tools, time tracking, online meeting software, scheduling, business apps & file-sharing / storage, CRM, and many more.

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Frequently ask Questions

Checkout our FAQ About Email Management

Our F&Q Section is committed to providing each customer with more information. Have a question about how this service works? Read our F&Q as many questions can be answered here.

An email management virtual assistant is someone who works remotely while taking care of your emails. They keep your inbox properly organized and ensure that prompt replies are sent to your clients.


Emails would have to be managed daily. A professional email management virtual assistant would know how to use third-party plugins, rules, filters, and apps that can help you organize and automate your emails. A VA can also apply email integrations with calendars and management systems.


Start by classifying the emails you receive into specific types and divide them according to personal and business categories. You can decide on which emails are confidential, which emails you want to respond to personally, and which emails you want your VA to manage.


An email marketing assistant with excellent marketing and communication skills can help you compose business emails and make your message look more attractive with visuals. You can also have your VA process orders and bills coming in through email and prepare answers to customer FAQs.


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