Marketing and Social Media

 More and more customers are going for the convenience of online shopping. With the online consumer market projected to keep growing in the coming years, any brand and business should take advantage of online marketing and social media if they want to keep up with the trend.


You’re probably aware of how businesses have been using social media and online channels to promote products, services, and brands. Marketing is a field that is ever-evolving especially now that most consumers live in a digital world. Marketing today goes far beyond giving out flyers, paying for billboards, or buying a TV spot. With accessibility to search engines, advertising and social media platforms, and measuring tools, marketing campaigns today are more targeted and purpose-driven.

The basic concept of reaching out to more people, which was done through print, television, and radio back then, is still at the core of digital marketing campaigns. However, marketing now entails designing campaigns across different channels and platforms, taking into consideration the different stages of the customer journey. Business owners no longer put out ads or launch campaigns, only to sit back and keep their fingers crossed for good results. All marketing decisions are now based on a much larger volume of customer data, which can be gathered, analyzed, and used by a digital marketing expert.


What is Marketing & Social Media?

Marketing is a broad concept that involves customized strategies, tools, tactics, and expertise. Before the internet became the place where everyone goes to search for the things they need, businesses reached customers through traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Now, marketing has become even more powerful with online tools, going hand in hand with social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, online PR, and sponsored content.

Businesses have been leveraging digital marketing to gain customers, generate new leads, and discover new opportunities. If you can afford it, marketing is definitely an area you want to be allotting more resources to. One way or another, you may already be doing some marketing on your own—social media posts, email outreach, or press releases—and that’s a good thing. But digital marketing can get you better results if all your efforts are unified under one strategy, with specific goals and benchmarks.      


Importance of Marketing & Social Media

Marketing is an essential component of a business. Whether you want to spread awareness of your brand, provide information to people looking for the products and services you offer, announce special offers and promotions, or hear what your customers have to say about you, marketing is a powerful tool that can give you results and important business insights. Whether you run a traditional brick and mortar store, a budding tech startup, or simply starting out as an online seller, marketing gives you the advantage of reaching more customers and getting ahead of your competition.

Marketing isn’t only important for a business—it’s become absolutely essential. There will be a total projected number of 300 million online shoppers by 2023 in the United States alone. Data also showed that 43% of global shoppers research products on social media before they make a purchase. Building a solid online presence and a brand that people trust and recommend should be your primary marketing goal. Your business’ growth, sustainability, and success heavily rely on how you make use of all available marketing tools. Marketing & Social Media

A skilled and experienced marketing virtual assistant would know how to customize a marketing and social media strategy that fits your business needs. A marketing and social media VA is familiar with tools for analyzing data, monitoring customer engagement, and building up your social media presence. Your VA would start with making sure all your online profiles are in place—starting from your website, to your social media profiles, search engine rankings, and your Google business page.

A marketing & social media VA can be relied on to keep your online channels updated with relevant and engaging content. Some marketing specialists are trained in copywriting, graphic design, and even video production. You can use someone who has experience monitoring and participating in online communities, or with knowledge in search engine optimization. Browse our VA profiles to find someone with the qualifications you’re looking for. The more seasoned ones are easily capable of assessing your needs and developing and executing a complete marketing strategy for your business. maintains a pool of talents to meet your marketing needs. Aside from being highly familiar with the concepts and implementation of marketing campaigns, they are knowledgeable in the different tactics to be employed and aware of the latest marketing trends. Our VAs come from different backgrounds and industries, and you can choose someone who might already have some experience launching campaigns for a company that’s similar to yours.