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E-commerce SEO Plan And Packages

Home E-commerce SEO Plan And Packages

YesAssistant Makes The Most Of The Following SEO Tools For Work Effectiveness

We have competence in the following SEO Tools to ensure that our eCommerce SEO Packages are the most optimal choices you can opt for.

Team Up With YesAssistant eCommerce SEO Packages

To Level Up Your Website For Business

Analyze Website

We use different tools to measure SEO-related indicators to evaluate the current health score of your website. This lays a firm foundation for us to establish a strategic plan to optimize and improve your rankings on search engines.

Select Strategic Keywords

Picking the right keywords can increase the possibility that your website will appear more on the search query results. In other words, we attempt to enhance your brand's visibility in front of potential customers who are willing to pay for what you sell.

Optimize Product Descriptions

As an eCommerce website, you need to upload the products so that customers can browse and choose the items they want to buy. Therefore, product descriptions are important, and our SEO specialist will optimize them to increase your store’s conversion rate.

Optimize Images

Apparently, a website full of low-quality images terribly affects the shopping experience of customers. As a skillful SEO specialist, YesAssistant will create high-quality images with appropriate dimensions and pixel density to engage customers. Plus, we label the images with metadata for search engines to crawl and understand page context accurately.

Optimize Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are essential elements in SEO rankings. They inform search engines and Internet users of the topics your eCommerce website is covering. Hence, our eCommerce SEO specialist will optimize these elements for you in the packages.

Research Competitors

Our eCommerce SEO Packages also include assessing external threats from your competitors. By thoroughly researching your rivals, YesAssistant can determine what factors make them rank higher on Google or why their websites have more visits than yours.

Build Quality Backlinks

Besides keywords, backlinks from social entities or other websites count as a factor in pushing your rankings on search engines. You can totally rest assured that all the backlinks we build are quality enough to get your site grows sustainably.

Fasten Site Loading Speed

There are a lot of factors that make your site needs a longer time to load fully. This negatively affects the experience of website visitors when they access your pages. Hence, YesAssistant is here to fasten your site’s loading speed

Disavow Website Backlinks

In case your website contains unqualified backlinks that cannot be removed, our SEO expert will use Google’s disavow tool. By doing this, we notify the search engine to ignore those links to prevent unwanted impact on your eCommerce store.

Improve Code Quality

Unlike audiences, search engines have a different way of “reading” your website. To be specific, the bots will crawl through your pages in the form of code. This means that improving the code quality of your website can help it get higher SEO scores and get better rankings easier.

Plans and pricing

Cost-effective eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Package Pricing

YesAssistant aims to provide an optimal solution for eCommerce websites with better SEO scores and higher rankings on search engines. We design different pricing plans for you to choose from easily, regardless of your business scale.



$ 399/Per Mo


Most Popular

$ 599/Per Mo



$ 899/Per Mo

Push Your eCommerce Business to The Next Level with

The Most Optimal SEO Services for e-Stores

SEO marketing is a critical component in elevating your business above the competition. Mighty eCommerce SEO Packages help your brand enhance its visibility in front of more customers when dominating top positions on search engines. This leads to better traffic, sales, and profits for your business. If you’re seeking a low-cost monthly SEO solution to thrive your e-store, why not choose YesAssistant?

Years of Experience

YesAssistant has years of experience operating as a virtual assistance provider in a variety of industries besides exceptional knowledge and abilities. As a result, we're pleased to have served thousands of clients since our inception, and we anticipate that number to keep rising.

Dedicated Support

Our customers can access various contact options, including Skype, phone, and email. You can also contact us by leaving a note or asking to meet with us in a few easy steps. We guarantee 24 hours per day and 7 days per week availability to handle your issues as promptly as possible.

Full-service Offer

We are capable of handling a wide range of social media tasks that support your eCommerce website's growth in revenue and visitors. As a result, regardless of the sizes or types of businesses, our eCommerce SEO Packages are appropriate.

Cost-effective Monthly Pricing

eCommerce websites should consider page optimization and site rankings worthwhile investments. Don't worry if you're concerned that managing a monthly SEO plan will be expensive! YesAssistant offers all-inclusive packages for businesses of all sizes at an affordable price

Reasons to Choose YesAssistant for Your eCommerce SEO Plan

YesAssistant comes with affordable but optimal eCommerce SEO Packages for your website to bloom with sales.

YesAssistanteCommerce SEO Packages Benefit Online Merchants in Many Ways

If you’re seeking broader coverage, higher website traffic, greater sales, and profits, our eCommerce SEO Packages are what you need

Connecting to High-value Shoppers

As a matter of fact, website optimization results in higher rankings on search engines and a better shopping experience for your online store. For that reason, our eCommerce SEO Packages can help you connect to more potential shoppers when they’re searching for the items you offer on the Internet.

Create A Professional Online Presence

There are many factors contributing to a professional online store. They are engaging product descriptions, high-quality images, fast loading speed, simple navigation bar, etc. YesAssistant understands how important they are. Thus, we design full-scale SEO Packages for your eCommerce website to build trust among customers.

Improving Your Online Visibility

The more visible you are, the more sales you can get. Therefore, one purpose of optimizing your eCommerce website is to enhance your business's visibility in front of more potential customers. In our SEO Packages for eCommerce, our specialist will research keywords, optimize content, improve image quality, and perform other duties to achieve this goal.

Outperforming Your Competitors

Online business is becoming increasingly popular, which means you need to compete with hundreds of rivals on the Internet. Our SEO Packages for eCommerce are an optimal solution for your website to grasp customers’ attention and surpass competitors in the same niche.

Market Your Web Store Cost-effectively

As a business owner, it would be great if you could market your eCommerce store at an affordable marketing cost. With YesAssistant’s SEO Packages for the web store, you can easily balance the budget for optimizing and enhancing its presence while hitting more sales from that strategy.

Long-term Revenue

Regardless of your business size, thinking about the long run is indispensable. Building a professional website with stable SEO scores helps you grow quickly in the first stage. Also, it lays a firm foundation for your business to benefit from long-term revenue once scaling up.

Discover Top Prominent CMS & Website Builders We Are Expertized In

With years of experience, YesAssistant has been working on various platforms for eCommerce. Hence, we can help you optimize your online store for greater visibility, sales, and profits.

Case Studies from Our eCommerce SEO Packages

Rankings Leverage & Significant Increase in Website Traffic

A powerful SEO strategy for eCommerce websites helps brands approach potential customers easily. It specifically leads to an increase in sales, which empowers all websites regardless of business size or industry.

The SEO Strategies We Used for eCommerce Websites:

What Customers Are Saying About Our eCommerce SEO Packages?

We give the highest priority to the satisfaction of our customers. Hence, all reviews from existing clients are valuable for YesAssistant to keep improving the quality of our eCommerce SEO Packages.

Trustpilot Logo

If someone asks me what SEO packages for eCommerce websites they should opt for, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend YesAssistant! The price fits perfectly with my budget, but what I receive is beyond my expectation.

“Sterling Evans”
Sarah Job

James is intelligent. He understands my requirements quickly without asking them twice. He politely answered all of my questions and gave professional advice, which helped me save money for unnecessary things.

“Thomas Jordan”
Thomas Jordan

The Features and Services of Our eCommerce SEO Packages

YesAssistant Search Optimization Process for eCommerce Websites

Thorough Website Analysis

YesAssistant employs helpful SEO tools to examine your website's indicators, assess its current state, and plan future development for optimization.

Backlinks Review

It’s essential for an eCommerce website to possess relevant, quality backlinks. Hence, our SEO experts will analyze all your current backlinks and plan to get more qualified ones.

Competitors Analysis

Investigating how your competitors use SEO techniques to boost their rankings is beneficial to your site. We can learn from them to avoid possible mistakes. As a result, YesAssistant includes this feature in our eCommerce SEO Packages.

Google Analytics Account Setup

We will set up a Google Analytics account for your website to track data and prepare insightful reports for your monthly SEO Plan. This helps you understand how your website has been improved and what goals have been achieved.

Product Descriptions Optimization

As an eCommerce website, the descriptions of your items should be optimized to get the product links ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines. Our SEO specialist will review all the content on the product page and insert keywords properly.

Blog Writing

Our SEO packages also include article writing for your blog page. We ensure that these blog posts have been thoroughly researched and appeal to audiences and search engines.

Content Duplicacy Removal

For the sake of your website's optimization score, our SEO specialist must check for and remove duplicate content. Also, it significantly improves the customer experience when they are browsing your pages.

Keyword Research

Without a doubt, keyword research is an essential component of our SEO service. Your website will be filled with relevant keywords that will boost your rankings.

Title & Meta Tag Optimization

Optimizing the title and meta tag persuades potential customers to click on your website to learn more about your products is a feature we provide.

On-page SEO Optimization

On-page optimization encompasses more than just content and title and meta tag optimization. It is also associated with internal and external links, code quality, image and alt text, schema markup,..., and YesAssistant will get this duty completed for you.

Disavow Backlinks

YesAssistant will use Google's Disavow tool if there are unremovable low-quality backlinks. It enables us to notify search engines to ignore those links so that they won’t affect your eCommerce website’s rankings.

Set Up Google My Business Profile

Establishing a professional Google Business page greatly aids in building trust among customers when they search for your brand name on Google. In other words, customers will be more likely to select your store rather than other competitors who haven’t set up this presence.

Cost-effective SEO Solution for Your eCommerce Website

Make A Comparison of Different SEO Packages for Your Business!

SEO Monthly Price for eCommerce

Key Features


Lower Competitive


Moderate Competitive


Very Competitive

  • Primary Keywords
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Regional Keyword Research

On-Page Optimization

Site Audit Report

Internal Link Structuring & Optimization

Pages Header Tags Optimization

Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Title & Meta Tags Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Content Duplicacy Check

Product Image Optimization

Optimization of Ecommerce Category Pages

Products Invoice Customization

Competition Analysis

Technical SEO Optimization

Website Speed Optimization

Google Analytics setup

Rich Snippets Optimization

Product Page Schema Markups

Optimization of Robots.txt & Googlebot Crawls

Niche Relavant Link Building

Link Redirect Checks

Disavow Link Review & Recommendation

Backlink Audit

Article Submission Backlinks

Q&A Posting

Profile Backlinks

Edu + Gov Backlinks

PDF Sharing

Blog Commenting

Business Listing

Web 2.0

Social Share

Press Release

Guest Posting

SEO Reporting

Keywords Ranking Report

Competitors' Rank Tracking

Organic Search Market Share Report

Search Console Impressions And Clicks Reporting

Google Analytics Sessions Report

User Experience Report (Page Load Time, Bounce Rate, Etc.)

Backlink Report

Core Web Vitals Report

SEO Scorecard

Customized KPIs Reporting

Analysis via SEMrush, Ahrefs & Moz

Monthly Reports

Project Management

Dedicated SEO Team

Dedicated Manager

Monthly Consultation With Senior Marketers

Customer Support

Email Or Chat

24/7 Live Project Tracking

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Per Month


Per Month


Per Month

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Gain Significant Search Dominance with Full-service SEO Packages for eCommerce

We Provide Monthly SEO Services Based on The Nature of Your Business.

National SEO Plan

This package is designed for those who want their websites to rank on a national or regional level. Our professionals will conduct in-depth keyword research to ensure that your site will appear on top of the search results pages.

Local SEO Plan

If your target customers are from the local area, this package is undoubtedly a perfect choice. YesAssistant will use local packs and organic search results to help you achieve your goals.


Check Out Frequently Asked Questions About eCommerce SEO Packages

We notice that some questions always appear in every meeting with customers. If you’re wondering the same things, let’s get the answers for yourself!

Yes, we help you design a customized eCommerce SEO package based on your specific requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us or schedule a free meeting for further discussion.

YesAssistant offers full-service SEO Packages for eCommerce websites to have better SEO scores. Hence, you can rest assured that our expert will help your online store get higher rankings on Google and other search engines.


The most notable thing that YesAssistant can offer is package customization. We listen to customers’ requirements and design your monthly SEO Plan accordingly. While it helps us ensure our working productivity, a customized package can save you much money.

Once we optimize your eCommerce website, your SEO scores will gradually grow. However, you cannot see clear results after only 1-2 months. Instead, it takes 4-6 in general to evaluate the success of a long-term SEO plan.

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