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Service Overview

Healthcare companies produce a substantial amount of data daily, and it is highly inconvenient for such organizations to manually enter data and keep EMR (Electronic Medical Records) logs. Seeking medical data entry services is a top-shelf priority for medical officers. At YesAssistant, we provide you with a team of experienced professionals to help digitize your medical documents. We focus on providing the best data management services in a cost-effective manner.
Medical Data Entry Services

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Solutions We Offer

Our dedicated professionals will help fulfill all your demands by streamlining the record management system, thus helping to achieve the goal of better patient care.
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Demographic Entries

We help you organize the patient data for maintaining insurance claims.
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Medication Records

The past record of all medication assigned is neatly maintained in the database system.
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Patient Details

From patient age to their location, all data is stored in the official database.
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Account Information

Records of all payments cleared or pending are added to the system in a proper manner.
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Medical Data Entry Services We Offer

Keeping physical records for all the medical data produced can be a hectic task. With detailed patient demographics, healthcare records, and other forms of account information, it can cost your organization a dedicated team.

To top it up, going through the hassle of hiring and overlooking clinical data entry experts can be a hassle. Instead of investing your precious resources, you can contact YesAssistant data entry firm.

Our medical data entry experts team will help your institution keep up with advanced technology and offer multiple benefits. We will provide you with numerous medical data entry services that promise quality service and efficiency.

Image record data entry

The image database is of great essence in the healthcare industry. It can help ease the process of recording data produced by any medical equipment. For example, X-rays and CT Scans are part of patient records that need to be stored alongside other information. An ideal data entry service will offer you easy access to data gained from images.

Surgical treatment record

Surgical reports note all the surgery data and are later compiled with the remaining patient details. However, having the surgical staff follow up on data entry tasks frequently can be a bummer for your organization. Therefore, it is better to leave surgical treatment records to data entry specialists.

Medical insurance data entry

It is a well-known fact that the medical insurance claim forms are elaborate. There is a ton of data to be recorded, and it needs constant additions. So, if your healthcare organization needs to maintain a stream of revenue, it is better to keep a detailed check on the patient data of all medical health insurance payers.

Medical billing data entry

Medical billing record is essential as it is sent to the insurance companies. It further helps them remunerate the organization for the patient care provided. It includes all information such as payment posting, demographic entries, chart information, etc. Maintaining all the records meticulously will help all medical professionals achieve high accuracy.

Text and numeric data entry

There is no space for errors when dealing with medical records data entry. Organizing everything from patient information to in-depth hospital records for easy future retrieval. Primarily, data in the healthcare field is a mixture of alphabets and numbers, followed by proper descriptions. We ensure maximum efficiency when working with such sensitive data.

Patient details recording

Every patient that walks into your hospital or healthcare organization has different medication records. You must store this detailed information for future audits and maintain a proper medical history for each individual. Our goal is to help you cost-effectively record all such data. Additionally, we also provide the below-mentioned medical data entry outsourcing options:

  • Charge entry
  • Handwritten documents
  • Medical coding
  • Medical claims
  • Dental claims forms
  • Accounting information
  • Lab data

Step-By-Step Process Followed By Healthcare Data Entry Services

Our team follows an optimum strategy that helps shift all the information to medical software. We strictly follow all the directives and guidelines issued by HIPAA and focus on providing data security for your organization. Some of the steps we adhere to are listed as follows:

Requirement gathering

A data entry expert meets with the administration department and gains more knowledge about the requirements for medical data entry. It includes the volume of data to be optimized and its framework for future references.

Data verification

More often than not, there are plenty of missing fields, incorrect information, and inconsistencies in the stored data. Our quality analysts ensure that the medical data entry services help eliminate all such errors and optimize your records for increased efficiency.

Medical data entry process

At this stage, data entry experts go through all the healthcare data and manually feed it into the software. Doing so ensures no missing columns and all the records are correctly organized in separate files. In the end, you get a digital version of all the hospital records.

Format conversion

We ensure that our healthcare data entry services provide you with the final results in your desired format. As a result, the hospital or company’s staff can easily access and make changes as per the requirements.

Data validation

One of the benefits of working with YesAssistant medical data entry services is that we double-check all the records. We run final checks before submitting the medical records to field out any inconsistencies.

Result Transfer

Finally, we mark the data entry complete after sending you the required files. Keeping in mind the data security protocols, we use a secure FTP or VPN to transfer the records.

Key Differentiators to Look for Before Outsourcing Healthcare Data Entry

Outsourcing the data entry and data archiving tasks can undoubtedly help you get your medical records in order in a timely fashion. But before you go ahead and settle for any of the service providers, you should look for the following attributes:

Scalability and Reliability

No hospital or clinic can predict the patient influx. Based on seasonal changes, flu, or endemics, the requirements for healthcare data entry services can vary.

Affordable pricing

It can be challenging for new hospitals or pharmaceutical enterprises to manage the budget. Therefore, you must look for pocket-friendly options that also contribute to revenue.

Advanced software and tools

Technology is constantly evolving, and we aim to serve our clients with the best options possible. Some of the top utilized tools in the data capturing process are Hypersoft, IDX, Medisoft, Misys, etc.

Consistent communication

At YesAssistant, we consistently stay in touch with all our clients and send them detailed progress reports. It promotes transparency between both ends, and you don’t have to go long hours without any information.


Manually handling all sorts of extensive patient records can be a hectic task. If you are also suffering from the same issue, it is time to change your working process.

Are you also planning to digitize your medical records? In this case, you need to be on the lookout for efficient firms providing medical data entry services. Doing so will help save your valuable time and give a satisfactory Return on Investment (RoI) in the near future.

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Such services help digitize all the hospital's or any healthcare companys' data in an optimized manner. Doing so will ensure that the staff can easily access medical records within seconds instead of manually looking for them.

Any healthcare organization can choose to hire data entry services for increased efficiency and cost control. Organized data can also be used to derive meaningful conclusions to further improve the quality of service provided.

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