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Service Overview

Digitization has brought a new change in the ever-competitive real estate industry dynamics. High-quality images are not just a way to show off anymore but a necessary tool for your business. That is why you need appealing real estate photographs to gain a competitive edge in this. These images increase the property value by enhancing the potential buyers' experience. With some proper editing and retouching, you can have real estate images that can entice your customers. But why waste your time learning the tools and techniques of photo editing when you have YesAssistant? When you outsource real estate image editing services to highly skilled image post-processing photo editors at YesAssistant, we ensure to inspire sales.
Real Estate Image Editing Service

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Solutions We Offer

Our photo editing team ensures uncompromised quality as per the industry standards. With us, you can expect the quickest results at reasonable prices.
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3D Floor Plan Conversions

We convert 2D or 3D images to bring out most accurate real estate views.
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360° Panoramic View

Our expert virtual assistant team helps you curate your contact lists skillfully.
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Image Correction

We deliver flawless real estate images ensuring optimum buyer experience.
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Real Estate Image Stitching

Our team stitches different property photos using cutting-edge editing techniques.
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How Do We Support You for Your Real Estate Image Editing Requirements?

The process of real estate image editing and retouching is complex and consists of many aspects. It is not easy to handle all the work alone. From using advanced photo editing software to producing high-end image quality, all the core services of the process are tedious and time-consuming.

If you are unable to figure out processes like HDR image blending and floor plan conversion, let our outsourcing services help you.

Online Real Estate Photo Editing

Your business needs images of the highest quality to retain customers and sell the property. The virtual assistant team of real estate photo editors at YesAssistant can help you edit real estate photos using the best software in the market. Our team of experts has years of experience that helps them deliver amazing photos in the shortest time. This includes window replacement, small object removal, stains on carpet removal, window replacement, or other object removals. Color correction.

High-quality Real Estate Photo Cleaning

When clicking real estate photos, it is not always possible to keep the distracting elements out of the picture. That is why our image editors ensure to clean your real estate images. It involves removing the unnecessary cars, trees, and people in the images, so your property becomes the focal point. With our exclusive attention to detail, you receive only high-quality flawless images. We ensure all the properties look extremely attractive in the images to draw buyers' attention.

Real Estate Photo Enhancements

Our team follows the tried and tested photo editing methods and can adapt to the latest trends. We offer the best photo editing services for your real estate images with exposure correction, density adjustment, color rectification, photo resizing, etc. We are equipped to handle all the latest image editing tools, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. We also deliver images in your chosen formats, such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff., DWF drawing files, CAD drawings, DXG, PSD, etc.

Online Real Estate Photo Stitching

A seamless composite image provides the best view of the property to attract more visitors. Real estate photo stitching is a smart technique for creating a panoramic view of your property. In this method, multiple photographs are attached or "stitched" together to deliver a 360° view of the landscape. With such a view, the images provide a highly immersive experience for the audience. Our real estate photo stitching services include single-row panorama, multi-row panorama, mosaic image stitching, layered output, etc.

Real Estate Color and Distortion Rectification

Usually, multi-shot real estate photography creates inconsistent images regarding color, contrast, angle, exposure, quality, etc. This is bound to happen if your real estate photographers click at different times of the day. Even a slight difference in daylight or some incorrect camera placement can impact the real estate photo. We provide Horizontal and vertical line straightening, White balance adjustments, Exposure correction, Lens distortion correction, and much more to make your real estate photography stand out.

Online Real Estate Perspective Correction

Perspective correction is a big part of our real estate photo editing services. While clicking, even a slight camera tilt can produce distorted imagery. That is why the virtual assistants at YesAssistant offer their help to the real estate agents, photographers, and sellers with this service. We will rectify all horizontal, vertical, and angular perspective errors and provide perspective cropping. The perspective cropping helps remove any unwanted blank space occurring due to the cropping of the images.

Online Sky Replacement Technique

A beautiful sky as the backdrop can transform your photos into incredible art pieces. If you want to capture and hold the audience's attention, then you cannot ignore this. Fortunately for you, the editing team at YesAssistant is one of the best in the industry in providing sky change services to real estate clients worldwide. The key elements of this service include real estate sky enhancement, object removal, sky color enhancement, background change, and sky perspective correction.

Drone Image Editing Services

Using drones for clicking aerial imagery of real estate properties is a major innovation. It lets you deliver a much wider perspective of the property and its surroundings. YesAssistant photo editors use the latest technology to process drone images that go beyond simple camera shot photographs. With the drone image post-processing, we can further enhance the high-quality drone images. Some instances of this would be removing unwanted objects, long shadows, and lawns from the final photos by the drone.

Online Photo Color Cast Removal

Color cast refers to the unwanted tint on your real estate photos that gives them an unnatural appearance. You would want your images to be as close to real as possible. For this, we bring you our premium color cast removal services. We can reduce and remove all the unwanted noise using all the advanced software, like Photoshop. Our expert editors have the eye for details to detect even the slightest color cast on the images and will remove them to make it look more professional.

Why Should You Choose YesAssistant?

In the ever-competitive real estate field, having YesAssistant's virtual photo editing team by your side is an advantage. Our expertise and experience help us deliver the most high-quality imagery and increase your property value. The editing team is equipped with different skills to edit your pictures to perfection. Leave the virtual staging of your property in the safe hands of our virtual assistants.

Full-Scale Service

At YesAssistant, we offer comprehensive photo editing services that include everything from real estate photos blending to image retouching and HDR photo editing. When you outsource our services, you will get all the assistance for enhancing your real estate photographs. Whatever your requirements may be, we can provide them accordingly.

Reliable Photo Editors

Your business requires the right expertise to efficiently handle large volumes of image processing. A YesAssistant, we provide you access to the highest level of photo editing experts who have years of experience in real estate photo editing. Our team is highly motivated and committed to delivering the best-in-class results.


You get all our services at a very reasonable price that saves you the hassle of having a dedicated in-house team. With YesAssistant, you get a much better ROI for every investment you make. Other than quality services, we have also built our reputation based on our unmatched pricing quotes.

High-Speed Delivery

We understand the fast-paced nature of the real estate industry. That is why we ensure fast turnaround times when delivering your photos, so you don't have to wait. Even if you need us to make any further changes, we can do that in minimal time as well. It will save time for you.

Quick Scaling

In the ever-competitive real estate business, you need to constantly up your game. As your outsourced partner, we can help you with this. Whenever you feel like you need to scale your business, you can rely on our editors to act accordingly and rise to the occasion on demand.

24x7 support

You need 24x7 reliable support via phone or email when outsourcing. Whether you need to get a quote on your project or need us to revise some work, our support team will help you. You can let go of your worries with our round-the-clock virtual assistants always by your side.

Consistent Quality

The real estate photo editing service is a multidimensional function that requires the editors to look at different aspects. You need the right assistance in an industry where images are the best tool for making conversions and sales. We produce consistent, premium quality real estate photographs despite sticking to the clock.

Advanced Enhancements

Our editors at YesAssistant have the expertise to follow the latest trends in real estate photo editing tools and techniques. We utilize the latest photo editing software and digital asset management tools to ensure the best outcome. Our advanced image enhancements will give you the competitive edge you desire.

Multi-Format Editing

We offer our clients very convenient photo editing services by offering them fully customized solutions. You will get your images delivered to you in the format you feel the most comfortable with. We are capable of editing and post-processing real estate images in many different image formats available today.

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The YesAssistant offers dependable, on-demand support, including 24/7 phone and email support where and when needed. Contact us today and picked out the best virtual assistant services.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Checkout our FAQ About Real Estate Image Editing Service

Our F&Q Section is committed to providing each customer with more information. Have a question about how this service works? Read our F&Q as many questions can be answered here.

Editing an image like a professional takes years of experience and expertise. You need to have a solid knowledge of various photo editing techniques and tools.

But the basics include color correction, straightening the lines, spreading the light evenly, decluttering the image of unwanted objects, adding sharpness and adjusting clarity, etc.

The time for editing real estate photos depends on many factors, such as the image quality, number of corrections, number of images, etc.

But a qualified professional team can definitely complete the project within the scheduled time once you mention your requirements.

Our team can take any real estate photo to perfection. But it helps if the real estate photographers take quality photos.

You will need to invest in a high-quality camera for this. Besides that, the choice of light (preferably natural), angle, and property staging will impact the quality.

Image post processing is not the same as real estate photo editing. Post-processing is a part of the services when you outsource real estate image editing. The frame setting, sharpening, level corrections, retouching, etc., are done during this.

It is different than the enhancement and manipulation that happens during image editing.

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