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Service Overview

Being results-oriented, you want to go beyond just being a status update. It all starts with narrowing down – who is your reader and what do they want? Stop being at the mercy of your audience and compel them to hear you through list building. Better yet, outsource list building services! This way, you’d have the most scalable route to increase sales despite the high cost of hiring someone full-time.
List Building Service

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Solutions We Offer

In the day and age of eCommerce, no business can thrive without a dedicated list of potential and existing customers. YesAssistant is among the top list-building companies that will help you meet your marketing goals and deadlines!
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Market Research

YesAssistant conducts a thorough market analysis to identify and capture your TAM.
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Precision Targeting

Through proper validation, we ensure only qualified lead contacts are included.
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Local Citation

Get relevant geo-specific results of businesses and attract the right customer attention.
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Proper Segmentation

Customize your mailing list to create an impact on specific target groups.
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How Do We Support Your List Building Needs?

Building an actionable sales pipeline that stays updated is quite a cumbersome task. Handling it all by yourself is not a good idea. You have a thousand other things (core activities) to take care of while your sales team must focus on developing hyper-personalized campaigns. So, streamline it by outsourcing it to reliable services for list building.

Email List Building Service

To build an intimate relationship with your customer base, you need to get into their inboxes! This involves discovering your target market, what they want, when they want it, and more. Sounds like too much work? Well yes, but YesAssistant’s top-rated virtual assistants can build an accurate, targeted, and validated email list to help with lead generation, engagement, and conversion.

B2C & B2B List Building

Be it reselling, cross-selling, upselling, or simply lead generation; we understand that B2B and B2C businesses have different needs. Identifying the target market can be challenging along with the added difficulty of securing accurate details of each contact. So spare yourself all this hassle by investing in B2C and B2B list building. YesAssistant will customize your list for precision targeting.

Custom List Building Services

Outsource custom list building services from YesAssistant that will make room for all your precision business requirements. We will collate a list of tightly qualified contacts through wide segmentation options such as industry, job title, geography, company size, etc. Every contact on your list will be a potential sale! All you need to do is develop hyper-personalized marketing conversations.

Amazon List Building Services

Building your brand on a platform such as Amazon is easier said than done. While the company is committed to enhancing your trading experience, researching for high-rated products can be a time-consuming task. But fret not as our virtual assistants are adept at B2B list building and creating product lists that are up-to-date, accurate and in line with Amazon’s guidelines.

Email Marketing List Building

A standout, click-worthy email is the only way to successful marketing. The irony is there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A solid email contact list covering important details about each contact is the place to start. Our services for list building will help you build robust contact lists to ensure you can develop content that navigates safely through busy inboxes!

Phone Number List Building

Cold calling may be dead, but strategic cold calling is more alive than ever. With accurate phone numbers, you can not only take your telemarketing to the next level but also create solid sales cadences to push leads down the sales funnel. So, outsource custom list building services and relay such nitty-gritties of your business while you focus on core operations!

Why Should You Choose Yes Assistant?

It's a no-brainer that you are not just looking for a list building right hand, but someone as passionate about growing your business as you are. We provide precisely that, so opt for our list building services:

Quality Assurance

YesAssistant is a list-building company that prioritizes quality. To that end, we ensure that the list meets all data points, with 100% accuracy. We serve clients worldwide, so you can rest assured that the list of our virtual assistant designs for you will be at par with international standards!

High Responsiveness

No matter how accurate the information, it is still useless if it fails to connect you with the right contact. Outsource list building services and only genuinely interested contacts will be added, the information sourced from only authentic sources. Your database will be responsive enough to ensure high campaign deliverability.


With YesAssistant, it is all about combining the power of technology with meticulous human intervention. Housing a multi-domain proficient team enables us to offer list building services that will help your business reach new heights at cost-effective prices. We are in this business to help grow yours in a scalable way!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Checkout our FAQ About List Building Service

Our F&Q Section is committed to providing each customer with more information. Have a question about how this service works? Read our F&Q as many questions can be answered here.

List building services are services offered to help businesses create an online database or directory of their target audience. In a nutshell, this list will include like-minded people interested in your products and services, making it your primary market for sales.

Not all companies cater to a broad market. There are those whose customers would be pretty niche. Such specialist businesses need a hyper-targeted list to help them connect with tightly qualified contacts within their industry.

B2B list building services are offered to B2B companies to help them reach out to sales-qualified leads within their industry. These lists mainly have information on C-level executives and those with the purchasing power to invest in that B2B company.