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Service Overview

In the professional world, business interactions revolve around sharing relevant information through business cards. At the same time, keeping track of contact details in a client database is excruciatingly time-consuming. Fret not! At YesAssistant, the quality services from our dedicated team will help you sort out your business card data entry troubles without any hassles.
Business Card Data Entry Service

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Solutions We Offer

If you want to effectively manage your to-do list without letting inbox pings come in between, hiring an email virtual assistant is crucial.
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Business Card Formatting

We meticulously organize your existing business cards with relevant data categories and simple formats.
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Electronic Business Cards Conversion

Our experts collate all your information in secure databases for quick access and organization.
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Card Data Entry Clean-Up

We provide premium clean-up services to rid your database storage of inconsistencies and redundancy.
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Business Card Info Maintenance

Your existing data will receive the upkeep and optimization with our top-notch services.
Data Entry Service
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How Can We Help You with Business Card Data Entry Services?

Getting timely information is the main requirement for prompt and profitable decision-making. However, when it comes to managing the piles of business card information collection, you need an organized format and database storage. That’s where YesAssistant will provide unique solutions and services for your venture!

Business Card Data Bank Creation

Whether you're in real estate or food processing, card data entry can take up a massive share of your daily routine. You can't discard any visiting cards without analyzing their potential to convert into valuable prospects. However, physically stacking business cards is not a good idea. But wait! Create a digital bank including every information with card data entry services from YesAssistant. Just share your existing business card pile and receive an organized data set within your defined time span.

Digital Format Conversion of Printed Business Cards

When the whole world is online, your business must be too. With digital copies of your business cards' data entry, you can find all the information at the tap of a button. Moreover, it also ensures that you don't waste your precious time going through the stack of a printed business cards. That's why YesAssistant offers excellent data entry services for small and large companies' business card format conversion in client-specified database formats.

Business Cards Indexing Services

Do you face trouble looking for a prospect in your business contacts? Not anymore! With our well-formed internal system for electronic databases, your search process will be as smooth as butter. Our skilled team at YesAssistant ensures a revamping of your older databases in an organized manner so that all your professional exchanges are available in one place. Moreover, if you need to restrict availability, we can incorporate access codes in your database services requirements.

Business Card Proofreading Services

From location information to company name, a printed business card database requires an exhaustive coverage of the information. Your data entry expert can't offer accurate online systems without attentively going through the details. That leaves scope for errors and a reduction in the overall business productivity. YesAssistant understands how crucial correct and categorized data entry is for your venture. That's why the services provided take care of clean data collection!

Business Card Categorization Services

From segmenting information based on names to social media availability, proper categorization enhances the overall structure of a database. Not only will this makes finding the contacts easier, but it will also help you weed out inactive accounts to increase the productivity of your business. Thankfully, with YesAssistant data entry services, you can scale your venture without giving thought to your business card sub-genre. Just outsource the business card data entry to us and enjoy streamlined accessibility.

Business Card Data Scanning Services

Error-free data scanning is the pulse of an efficient business flow. Not only are the professionals required to gather data but also neatly segregate the relevant information needed for business card databases. With YesAssistant, every business card indexing goes through a mandatory screening through an automated system prior to manual cleaning. We can strategically convert your physical contact person data sets into an organized architecture. So, rest assured of a comprehensive new electronic database with effective business card scanning.

Business Card Customization

Do you already have an old dataset filled with business cards? Every business card data structure needs to be updated from time to time per market trends. If you want to revamp your company's existing card data organization to augment your marketing strategies better, it's time for a makeover. With the help of our modern tools and knowledgeable staff, you can receive your business cards directory in the manner and style you want.

Extracting Accurate Records from Online

Whether you want current business card information or other details from a sub-category, extraction from your databases can be tricky. You'll need to look for the exact contact across your internal systems. YesAssistant helps you organize and structure the workflow without making you waste additional organization resources. We input your existing business card information only as per your request and business demands on the online system of your preference.

Business Card Database Management

No matter the size of your business, incorrect information can turn out to be disastrous, especially if your venture depends on data. To gather information and structure concise details for one's business, you require efficient sorting techniques. That's what YesAssitant aims to deliver. With our digital formats, you will receive the right contact person data through a simple search. Through our archiving capabilities, your web-based systems will certainly have only the correct details your venture needs to scale up.

Why Outsource Your Business Card Data Entry Services to YesAssistant?

Because data is the fuel in today's world and business cards are your routes to get relevant information for managing and scaling your business. Moreover, YesAsssistant intends to help your business reach the pinnacle of success that it deserves. Here are the other benefits you get with us!

Competitive Prices

Not only do we offer accurate business card conversion, but we also provide you with our dedicated services at a competitive price. Whether you want old database categorization or trendy customization, you can always find affordable services with us. You can even try our services before signing up with a free quote that we have specifically added for your convenience.


We, at YesAssistant, keep your business card data clean through our analysis and optimization. So, you can get your accurate datasets without worrying about redundancies and errors. Rest assured, you will be completely satisfied with the on-time data entry completion for all your hard copy business cards.

High-End Technology

From transcribing information to compilation, data entry services demand technological innovation for high-quality. We pride ourselves on offering you efficient solutions through modern tools and technologies. That's why we nurture and process your business card information only through premium OCR equipment.

Competent Staff

Other than ensuring a streamlined process for your business card data entry services, we also ensure flexibility and skillfulness in the team members. Every professional at YesAssistant has years of experience and training to deliver the exact services your business needs. On top of this, our proficient members will always be able to adapt to your requirements for card data entry services.

Quality Data Entry

From data mining methods to the manual collection, our professionals at YesAssistant leave no stone unturned in gathering business cards' details. Every data entry goes through strict quality checks before getting finalized. Moreover, we aim to include every possible information about your prospects in the catalog that we create through our card data entry services.

Data Privacy

Every card data entry service at YesAssistant must comply with stringent confidentiality and privacy measures we have put in place. We share information only with the prior consent of our clients and on the platforms of their preference. Rest assured, your business card information is safe with us!

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Business card data entry involves compiling information from the digital and physical sources into a database for easy accessibility and organization. The detailed input carries all the relevant card data about a person or a prospect that a business finds significant such as social media contact, email address, names, profession etc.

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