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Service Overview

In this data-driven world with global clients, information is king, and the locally hosted data becomes crucial for effective management. Data processing outsourcing services help your business with data entry, forms processing, data conversion, and data indexing, amongst other things. Data processing services like YesAssistant will also help with automated quality assessment business processes while aiding you in making major business decisions. With our team, you get high-quality form processing services, order processing, management services, operation efficiency, and on-time results.
Data Processing Service

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Solutions We Offer

YesAssistant offers several services. These services capture and convert raw data, perform electronic data processing, and data analysis, and provide data information.
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Data Processing

We extract pertinent information from several sources and process it into a more comprehensible form.
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Document Processing

We edit extensive documents by processing the pdf or excel reports.
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Online Data Entry

Our VAs can complete online data entry tasks such as copy-paste, edit, index, sort, and capture.
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Ecommerce Listing

We provide clients with details on platforms like Amazon, eBay, VirtueMart, etc.
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What Is Included In The Data Processing Services?

The main reason behind opting for data entry experts is to lower the workload on your business team. These services will manage the work and energy spent on data management. Doing so will elevate the business value and the team’s overall performance.

The virtual assistant will aid you according to your daily schedule and time zone. Business data processing services usually include a couple of services under one umbrella. The subcategories are as follows:

Annotation services

If you are looking for an arena to improve the quality of your business, annotation is the service you need to pick. Info annotation is available in artificial intelligence, machine learning, image recognition, robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

Data Entry services

Most virtual assistants will offer you online and offline data entry services from both handwritten and digitalized documents.

Data conversion services

Data conversion is a non-negotiable aspect of business transitions. It involves changing the basic format of the present input formats into a novel, usable format. You can convert volumes of information into an easily retrievable format. The process of data conversion must be done efficiently.

Data cleansing and formatting services

Clients need consistent, clean, and updated information, along with data security. The best data processing services give customers this customized data cleaning and formatting advantage. Principal virtual assistants like YesAssistant check the record manually, clean them and update them at regular intervals.

Scanning and Indexing services

Preservation of data is an equally important aspect of outsourcing data processing services. This process includes scanning and arranging documents along with indexing. The scanning and indexing processes are done after a complete business assessment where the pain points are understood and the data to be captured is sorted.

PDF Accessibility services

Customizable services include maintaining the entire remediation pipeline right from adding the required alt-tags or images and fulfilling the color-contrast needs in a PDF. The readability and the author’s intent should be clear. Accessibility also changes according to the varied abled users.

Smart Data Transformation services

Smart data transformation aims to convert raw and very unstructured data into a form that is schema-compliant structured and tagged XML. This is done for data products, analytics, software development, etc. Technologies such as AI, ML, RPA, and advanced optical character recognition are used here.

What Types Of Data Processing Services Do We Offer?

The data processing work and data quality of each form would be different. Since information is obtained in various forms, there are a number of methods for data processing.

Here are the different types:

Form processing

Forms can be of multiple types, for admissions, market research, feedback, consent, or even government purposes like identification and voting for instance.

So, while the form types might be diverse, they all have one job: data storage.

But this data needs processing. Hence, the customized service at YesAssistant helps you process information of such kinds. We also provide services at competitive prices.

Moreover, having a data processing outsourcing service ensures the accuracy and streamlining of the business.

Image processing

The first and foremost step of image processing is understanding the nature of the input present in the image. For instance, the image of a bank cheque will be different from an image of a map. As such, the data processing will differ according to the images selected.

This is done by extracting information from images through OCR technology. After that, data processing services will convert raw data into digital formats such as GIF, PDF, etc.

Government claim processing

Online form filling involves several claims. So, the information in the form must be accurately processed and given proper attention. Each form needs certain privacy because of its sensitivity.

You might even find a lot of personal information in property forms, insurance claim forms, or medical reimbursement forms. But fret not, as we at YesAssistant ensure top security and confidentiality.

Transaction processing

With the retail business reaching new heights, online payments are the mode of operation these days. You also need to fill out customer forms which can be related to payment, customer login, or feedback.

So, yet again it is of utmost importance that there is the maintenance of confidentiality during data processing. But, put your worries to rest as we at YesAssistant provide you with secure solutions.

How Should You Choose The Best Quality Data Processing Services?

Processing services necessitate thorough market research. If you opt for a high-quality data processing service, you can gain many benefits irrespective of the organization type: private or government. These services help you collect essential information and data security from loss or damage and will gain you a time maintaining profitability.

The agency you choose must meet your expectations for data processing services and data mining and handle your large-scale processing demands. One of the most appealing aspects of this virtual assistant is its tailored services and expertise in safeguarding data.

Having an option that is cost-effective and productive is an ideal bet. You will experience a reduction in operational costs and strict security of data while you are at it. Many virtual assistants of best quality outsourced services utilize file transfer protocol or virtual private networks to ensure that no data is hosted locally on their systems.

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Listed below are some fabulous apps and tools which help us run our efficient VA business social media tools, time tracking, online meeting software, scheduling, business apps & file-sharing / storage, CRM, and many more.

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Frequently ask Questions

Checkout our FAQ About Data Processing Service

Our F&Q Section is committed to providing each customer with more information. Have a question about how this service works? Read our F&Q as many questions can be answered here.

Data processing services refer to the extraction of relevant information from large volumes of existing data, such as excel sheets, images, scanned documents, etc. Once you effectively utilize data processing services, you receive accurate data in a digital format, a database that can be quickly processed.

Data process outsourcing means outsourcing the job related to data services like collection, data conversion, and to process data to form knowledge-intensive resources from raw forms.

Once data is processed, it is presented in a tabular, visual, or even a textual format in the form of helpful information. This format helps in producing meaningful insights for respective organizations. Talking about data processing, four vital steps make the process.

  • The first step involves the process of data set (raw data) validation
  • Conversion of paper documents to digitalized format files
  • The end to end, management of data - storage, complete collection, change in the format through transformation, and the final organization of data in a more readable and comprehendible format
  • The last step of the data processing process is preparing the data for data mining and different machine learning applications.

Data processing extracts the required information from raw, erroneous data to alter it into a more understandable form. It allows clients to manage business decisions effectively and to gather tactical insights to elevate operational efficiency. Types of services include:

  • Forms processing services
  • Order processing
  • Image processing
  • Government claim processing
  • Credit cards processing
  • Transaction processing

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