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Service Overview

Today, businesses are exposed to large amounts of data in various forms. With technological development, data storage is slowly shifting towards a paperless model. Despite this, a vast amount of information still exists as paper documents. YesAssistant is a leading service provider that enables organizations to derive quality output by converting your data into useful information while providing a seamless data processing framework that results in scores of satisfied clients.
Offshore Data Entry Service

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Solutions We Offer

Our team of experts can help deliver data entry records following the format-specific requirements of clients. Offshore data entry services provided by YesAssistant are:
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Upload to Cloud Services

Our team assists with manual entry of physical data to the cloud system.
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File Formats Conversion

Businesses deal with data in multiple forms. We help convert data to your preferred format.
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Data Processing

Our team of experts can handle the segregation of big data.
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Data Capturing

Capturing and storing data from various print and web sources is a specialty of our team.
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Why Should You Employ Offshore Data Entry Services

Data entry is one of the key foundational elements in the efficient development of a company. And to master data entry, an organization would be required to invest both practical and time-driven resources.

But fret not as the right offshore data entry company provides businesses with data entry services and offline data entry. This allows organizations to minimize their expenditure on the same by opting for data entry outsourcing.

So, the prospective potential of freeing up resources for a company is a significant motivator in utilizing offshore data entry services.

Offshore Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing solutions act as an advanced BPO company that manages the minutest of data entry tasks such as web forms analysis of a scanned image to complex functions such as data security and data conversion services.

YesAssistant firm is one of the premium data entry companies specializing in online data entry and the personalization of customer service for its globally-based clients. It specializes in:

Data Appending

With this service, we match accurate data with the current data from your database. The ones that are identified as missing are then filled correctly, thus validating and enhancing the quality of your database.

Data Conversion

Most businesses require their data to be available in a usable format. We modify and transfer the data into a format that is most suitable for your requirement. To speed up the process, we use software that helps convert large quantities of data easily and swiftly.

MS Access Data Entry

The perfect tool to ever exist to enter data into tables of a database is Microsoft Access. With this service, we manage and control your data since it is far more accurate than other tools. Furthermore, it involves:

  • Updating records in the database
  • Formatting and optimizing the database
  • Establishing relationships among databases
  • Data verification

Mailing List Compilation

This service not only boosts your email marketing rates but also organizes and standardizes the process. At YesAssistant before creating a mailing list, we conduct a thorough target market analysis. The list compilation focuses on the following factors:

  • Audience type
  • Outcome expectations
  • Positive response modulation

Catalog Data Entry

We follow a specialized process to conduct the catalog data entry service. Under this, the following services are offered:

  • Data entry updates
  • Catalog maintenance
  • Catalog building
  • Indexing
  • Catalog conversion

Data Entry From Yellow Pages

Looking for a reliable source for sales leads or vendors relevant to your business implies that you will look up the yellow pages. However, sifting through a ton of names to find relevant leads will rob you of both, time and money.

At YesAssistant, we save you your resources and help with the data entry of sales leads, and business listing along with their addresses and phone numbers. You can refer to this data that is prepared in huge volumes for your business.

Data Entry for Surveys

Combining technology and technique, this service offers a helpful methodology to improve the data entry for surveys. At YesAssistant, we scan, collect, and collate all your business surveys. By streamlining the survey data entry process, you not only cut costs but also maximize ROI.

Database Creation

Have you formulated a campaign and want to spread it to your target audience? With the database creation services, your marketing initiative can be successfully targeted to the appropriate target group.

The database creation service will enable you to plan meticulously and achieve the desired results for the benefit of your company.

We keep your data requirements in mind and work with that goal in mind to assist you to achieve your goals.

Besides this, YesAssistant offers a host of other successful services like:

  • Legal Data Entry
  • Data Entry Programs
  • Clinical Data Entry
  • Numeric Data Entry
  • Excel Data Entry
  • PDF Conversion
  • File Conversion
  • Directory Services
  • Internet Data Entry
  • Website Data Entry
  • Customer Support
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Tools

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Listed below are some fabulous apps and tools which help us run our efficient VA business social media tools, time tracking, online meeting software, scheduling, business apps & file-sharing / storage, CRM, and many more.

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Frequently ask Questions

Checkout our FAQ About Offshore Data Entry

We are dedicated to providing our customers with complete information. Have questions about how this service works? Read the FAQs to find the answer to your questions.

Yes. At Yes Assistant, we strive to deliver data as per your specific requirements and in the requested format. Since businesses deal with data in multiple forms, we assist in converting it into a specific format that works best for the business. 

Since offshore data entry requires the manual entry of physical data to the cloud system, it is quite time-consuming. It is also expensive for the business since it requires hiring personnel. By availing of this service, up to 40% of your cost of operations can be reduced. Besides the cost benefits, this service will have a faster turnaround time. It can be expected to be 8 to 24 hours, depending on the job.

Once you decide to outsource your data entry to us, we take over to ensure that all facets of the outsourcing flow are managed by our team, which gives you access to better resources at an extremely low cost.

At, we have a large pool of associates skilled at data entry. Upon signing up, you will be provided with a free quote and a business model based on your specific requirements.

Yes. Offshore data entry projects are handled and managed by a dedicated team exclusive to your business. Our teams consist of experienced professionals who have vast experience in handling offshore data entry services.

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